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Tear duct cautery permanently?

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  • Tear duct cautery permanently?

    Ive been suffering from dry eyes for 6, 7 years (28 now). Ive tried everything (Restasis, Plugs, bio drops, fish oil, vitamins..) and now my dry eye condition is somehow stable und almost bearable.

    I have smartplugs in my lower ducts, which last for a year. They didnt solve my problem but they helped. In the last 4 years Ive tried a lot of plug products and spent a lot of money on them. Now im considering taking a cautery operation.

    Im going to talk to my DES doctor but I trust you guys more in some way. Any information will be treasured... Thank u.

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    Cautery experience

    I have Sjogren's and have had both lower ducts cauterized. The cautery has helped me. I had my first duct cauterized because the plug was sitting sideways and was uncomfortable sometimes. I had tried having it pushed back it, but it would not stay. My doctor said a new plug would not work because I had too much scar tissue from the first 2 or 3 plugs.

    The cautery on the first eye caused both eyes to tear for a couple of days, but then the relief was wonderful. My "bad" eye became the "good" eye. Two months later I had the other eye done. I had no tear overflow and thought maybe I had wasted my money. About 2 or 3 weeks later I did realize that my eye was more comfortable.

    The worst thing about cautery is the shot that deadens the pain. I felt nothing during the actual cautery. My doctor used "psychology", asking me if I was tough enough for the procedure. Who wants to admit being a whimp? Then I had to prove myself.

    I'm glad I did it.


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      I had tear duct cautery in 1999 for dry eyes. In 2009 the opthamologist said the ducts were open again and that cautery isn't always "permanent". I wouldn't undergo that pain again for a "temporary fix".

      As an aside, I can't imagine why the doctors "allowed" me to have Lasik surgery with a history of severe dry eye and rosacea in my eyes! I wish I would have done more research BEFORE the Lasik. I've been miserable since 2006 when I had it done!


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        Cautery is the only thing that has worked for me! Fully plugged works but I would get infections or the plugs would fall in or out. Found out that cautery wasn't permanent! Been cauterized multiple times by multiple doctors! When I'm fully cauterized closed, life is good! I have to carry tissues due to the overflow, but compared to the dry eye pain its an inconvenience I can live with! If you have no oil out of your MGs, keep as much natural tears from your lacrimals on your eyes as possible through occlusion. Just remember, that occlusion isn't always permanent....speaking from my experience in the last 11 years of dry eye syndrome!