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Please help, do my glands produce too much oil?

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  • Please help, do my glands produce too much oil?

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post and i have, what i think is a unique situation. I read alot on these forums about people with MGD and not producing enough tears/oil. Typically they have problems with dry eyes, blepharitis etc...

    My problem is the glands in my eyelids seem to produce too much oil, which causes excess oily buildup in the inner corners of my eyes say every 10-15 minutes. It drives me absolutely crazy! I am constantly clearing out the sticky buildup with my fingers. I'll just say i'm so embarrased by it. I meet alot of new people with my job and i am so self concious about it.

    Is this possible to have too much oil being produced that it just builds up the corner of the eye and can't drain properly? I've never met anyone who had this problem. My eyes are mildly red most of the time, but my eye doctor said my eyes are not dry. He said there is a good amount of tears. He recommended eyelid scrubs and he put me on 100mg a day of doxycycline. The antibiotics did nothing to help and the eyelid scrubs only help a little bit, mainly helping with any kind of "grittiness" i feel. I do have mild rocasea in my face and probably my eyes.

    Has anyone heard of this problem? Is it common?? Any suggestions i can try, i've tried warm compresses with little help, cold compresses which seems to help more but does nothing for the excessive buildup...I still do the eyelid scrubs morning and night. I've been taking omega 3/flaxseed supplements for about a month, they seem to have thinned out the oil a little bit but still not much help. Moisturizing eye drops don't help, pataday and zatidor don't help either....grrr!!

    Sorry for the rant, but i'm desperate