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  • Kevin

    hiall. I'm New to the forum. recently I suffered temporary vision loss in one eye which lasted 6 seconds. I've been checked in hospital for 3 days but they tell me all is well. when it happened, I was just finishing looking at my phone in bed with the light out. it was very dark so when I turned the phone off, I suddenly couldn't see from my left eye. so any opinions would be greatly appreciated. cheers Kevin from Galway Ireland.

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    Hi,this happened to me also,but my vision was not normal for about 15 minutes,there are articles on the internet on this. Dont look at your phone without another light source. You will find articles on it if you take the time to look it up.


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      hi Klee. thanks for reply. could have been as a result of looking at phone in dark o.k. . at least I got checked out at the hospital with carotid neck test and ct scan and various eye tests. thanks again for your message. cheers Kevin.


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        they put me on a new blood thinner that is 75mgs of clopidogrel. going well so far.