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    Hello all,

    My name is dimitris 30 years old.At January 2017 I had a PRK surgery my Rx was 9 and 10.At first everything went good when suddenly one day (2 months post op) I woke up with a weird sensation in my left lower eyelid.Going to my surgeon he diagnosed adenoviral conjuctivitis and so it was he put me contact lenses and prescribed antibiotics ,steroid and keep on natural tears of course.At 3rd day my eyes were so red like I was drinking alcohol all my life and i dont.At 5th day he removed the contacts the pain got worst.He wanted me to see another doctor of its kind for another diagnosis.I went to the 2nd doc and he said that it will pass at 3 weeks to 2 months!He changed the whole prescription of my surgeon.At nearly 3 weeks it went away my eyes were whiter than ever my sight was like looking through snow.Went back to my surgeon he said that its okay it was bad timing but it passed.He continued with steroid and drops.From then my sight was getting worse day at a day I couldnt recognize anything at every distance even in front of me!I was doing numerous calls to my surgeon telling him it was getting worst and he said to use drops more frequently.After couple of days he sent me to a corneal specialist to check me.Of course I went and he diagnosed keratitis sicca he said that it can be fixed and i dont have scratch spots or internal damage he sent me to the hospital he was to make autologus serum for 2 weeks cut the steroids (which caused pressure in my eye and used other drops to keep it down) and he cut the pressure drops as well.At 5th day of serum I had my full vision back.After 2 weeks I visit the corneal doc and he said my corneas were totally fine (but my eyes were still red) and he gave me autologus serum for 2 weeks more for maintenance.I went thru another doctor (surgeon)because I cant trust my surgeon anymore because he sent me to others and he proved me that he was totally useless on the situation and I understood that he only cares about his experiment.The new doc told me most of the truth that my surgeon didnt informed me well.He diagnosed me with blepharitis and told me to do hot compress baby shampoo wash and take vibramycin 50mg one time a day.I went to my surgeon in full anger and i told him that it is over and the trust to him has died I could stand the crap that he was telling me.A few days forward he calls me and he says that he wants to protect me from summertime and start on restasis.I told him I prefer drops than an experimental drug as I hear from many people in here and i think that my eyes are so sensitive that restasis will wreck them again like steroids.Called the 2nd surgeon and told him what my surgeon told and he told me that he dont recomment restasis either and that it is better to keep on eyedrops than restasis.Now I will have an appointment with the 2nd surgeon as i want to tell him that the situation caused me anxiety nerves and I cant handle the truth that 2nd surgeon told me.Im dipressed my life is going down I cant go for a walk because 'im scared of everything and Im in my house 2 months now thanks to my liar surgeon.Anyway thats my story so far I wish everyone the best and I have little hope left for my healing.Until the end of hope...

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    Hi Dimitris,
    Thanks for sharing and sorry to hear the story.

    Perhaps it is good to ask dr to check your glands as it has been very commonly been overlooked.

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      Hi MGD

      Thank you for your concern.Sorry to hear your story too as it is a condition that many people suffer from this butchers they called doctors. I wish as other ppl come here before but now its too late.The 2nd surgeon at least told me the truth (maybe not whole) about later in my life that i dont know if i can carry on.Anyway i made a big investigation on the problem called mgd and saw a lot of home remedies that some of them are risky too.if you have something safe to propose for begginers i gladly will hear it.thanks in advance.


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        Hi Dimitris

        Good to know you made the effort to learn more on MGD. Not sure what you want to know as it is a big topic.

        warm compress - make sure you use an effective/safe tool otherwise useless - important is to have oil secretion feeling = oil is flowing
        normally 40-45C constant/moisture heat, depends on how thick oil and how clogged your glands/oils are
        If you feel great after compress, it suggests you do it correct.

        then massage (Dr Korb, inventor of LipiFlow recommends to squeeze glands to avoid damage the cornea),
        lid scrubs x 2/day

        apply oil-based drops
        And of course to find out and deal with the root causes are the only solutions.

        What have you found?


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          Hi Dimitris. So sorry to hear all you've been going through. Have you looked into scleral lenses to help with the pain? Many people with post-LASIK and other eye surgery problems have gotten relief from sclerals. Not everyone can tolerate them, and it does not address the cause of the problem, but if you can wear them them, it can provide immediate comfort. I wear mines 12+ hours a day and it's helps a lot, however my condition is from a different cause. Here's a good general description of sclerals for Boston PROSE sclerals and the conditions it treats...there are several different brands, but this is the one I use and have been very happy with the lenses and expertise of my Boston practitioner (the expertise of the practioner in fitting sclerals is key):


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            Hi again and thanks for the info the cause is blepharitis i dont know if the glands are blocked or even some of them dead.also had some kind of dryness before surgery that of course the butchers dont care about it and of course they dont even bother tell you bout for the time being hot compresses day night and maybe in the middle of the day.then clean with sodium bicarbonate (the cooking soda) 1/4 teaspoon in half a glass of water with cotton ball and around 10 times per eye cleanin around let it there for 2 mins then wash off with lot of warm seems to help a bit.Saw many info on the web for tea tree oil coconut oil and castor oil and i dont know if im allergic on the ingredients and also dont know the safe dosages for it.I ll search again and if i find anything usefull ill post it so others learn another experience and maybe help them too as you did with me.oh and something else it seems that you must find a way to kill the most bacteria on the lids to relief a little and going too agressive makes them i need to find a "powerful weapon" to terminate them at least the most of them.i think its trial and error from now on .


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              Hello to all.So 8 months prk post op went through a lot of complications dry eyes ,conjuctivitis , keratitis ,blepharitis and mgd.After a hard path I still can see with halos ghosting and all of course thanks to dry eyes and bleph that wasnt diagnosed before.As I was reading through many posts in this wonderful site( I wish Iwas here before going thru the butchers door) I understood one thing for sure that only improvement can be thru this condition and not a way back.I dont know If I can keep up with the lies of the doctors-butchers because they think that while they convinced us with the "safe" procedure they think they also can convince us that thats the way we saw and felt before.They are not even close and they will never understand the pain and psychological cost of all this mess they made.Anyway unfortunately more people will turn into subjects as I did that the way I feel and the way they treated us but a paper with a signature cant give them access thru heavens door....anyway feeling better knowing that even thru a post behind these screens there are people knowing your condition because they were there means a lot.thank you and god bless all of you.