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Chronic dry eye/blephariis tried everything but to no avail.

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    Have any of ye undergone Blephex im having it next month.Is it good?


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      Scleral lenses are hard but they do not sit on the eye. Rather they vault the cornea and sit on the sclera (white part). The vaulted part is filled with non-preserved saline solution to bathe the cornea and keep it from drying out. They are worn like any contact lens, up to 18 hours a day and then removed for sleeping. They are not temporary but are intended to be worn as would any contact lens for vision correction as well as eye protection as long as is required.


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        Hi MGD -

        That's a great description farmgirl gave for sclerals. Sclerals are used to help dry eye issues and other cornea problems, unlike regular contacts. But not everyone can tolerate them, or have periods where they cannot tolerate them. For example, when I initially got my sclerals they worked well for 6 months, but then my eyes got more severely dry (likely due to autoimmune disease, not the lenses), including the white sclera part of my eye the lens edge sits on. So I could not wear the sclerals for several years until my eyes started getting a little better over a year ago. Now I wear them 12+ hours a day.

        i never heard of Debridement. Is that a new procedure?

        I drink the lemon/green tea after a meal. Yes, I do that for the same reason as you.

        i used to put a handful of goji berries in my lemon/tea because of all the benefits you mention, but have recently read goji causes inflammation related to the heart, so I stopped using them a few months ago. I assume as long as it's used in moderation there's no issues, but it was one less thing to buy, gojis are expensive!

        Hi Telo,

        I've heard of Blephex and the reviews sound really good, but then so did Lipiflow when it first came out and that cost me $1,200 and didn't work. I'd be interested how Blephex works for you, so keep us posted after you have it done, ok? Good luck, I do hope it gives you some relief.


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          Thanks Hokucat
          Debridement (by gulf cub spud) - no, it is pretty old. Dr Korb mentioned it in one of his old viedos in 2012? He only has 2 viedos in youTube. I am sure you can find it.
          He said he did for some of his patients every 3 months or so, if I remember correctly.

          Goji - Haha, '10-12 pcs' a day is enough. Bio is better.

          Hi Telo
          BlephEx is eye cleaning like teeth cleaning. Many doctors recommend it for treating blepharits. Good luck!

          Farmgirl - thanks for the info on sclerals Lens.
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            Hi Hokucat,
            Goji Berry - Just wanted to tell you that Goji has ''antioxidant'', for your info.


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              Thanks MGD. Yes, the antioxidant properties of goji berries was one big reason I hesitated to give them up. So I replaced goji berries with eating a cup of fresh berries daily (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries) or a cup of pomegranate seeds, all which are also high in antioxidants and are also really good for the heart and arteries. And what I've noticed is after eating these the first few weeks, my eyes have consistently had a little more moisture than before! So this accidental discovery is a keeper for my daily diet :-)


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                Update.I had blephex today which went fine,its quite a uncomftorable feeling,ive got no immediate relief but its in the long run it will help.I was also told 6 or 7 of my glands are blocked on each eye which are making my syptoms worse then they already are.


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                  Hi Telo, thanks for the update. When you had the BlephEx, did they try expressing the blocked glands to open them up, or in the long run is BlephEx supposed to help unblock them? If not, what is the plan to unblock those 6-7 glands in each eye? Perhaps next step is to try IPL.

                  It's good your doctor examined your glands to that extent and gave you this info. One can certainly function with some glands blocked, but given you are already suffering and more could get blocked, hopefully this can be taken care of soon. And once unblocked, if you could figure out how to keep the oils flowing, that would reduce recurrent blocking. It could be something as simple as doing blinking exercises every hour if you are not blinking enough or are a partial blinker, or you might need to change your diet, etc.