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Filaments and stress?

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  • Filaments and stress?

    Hello, everyone. I stumbled on this forum searching for insight into filamentary keratitis. I'm 42 years old and started getting the filaments in my left eye last year. I've had at least 8 removed by the doctor. Many more have formed and go away on their own when I aggressively attack with eye drops.

    Last week, I developed a filament in my right eye as well, which worries me more and makes me think I have an underlying disorder. I've had a lot of stress over the past year as I am going through a tough divorce with a small child. During this time, I've had other conditions surface--hypothyroidism, and an exacerbation of gastro intestinal reflux disease.

    Has anybody else had filaments start as a result of stress? And what are the most successful treatments? I am currently using Systane throughout the day, but I've read that a mineral oil-based drop like Soothe XP has been shown to eliminate the filaments. The doctor is suggesting plugs, but I'm leery of those. I'm also not too confident about the fact that the doctor has to consult a manual to look up this condition every time I come in.

    Thsnk you for any insights you can share!