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I am planning on making some hermetically sealed spectacles for my dry eyes

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  • I am planning on making some hermetically sealed spectacles for my dry eyes

    Greetings everyone,

    I guess like you all I am suffering from dry eyes. They have been progressively getting worse over the past year-and-a-half, and it's now getting to a point where they require drops every 20 minutes while I'm at work (mainly due to the air conditioning in the office [uncontrollable AC system, at this moment, might I add]).

    I'm based in the UK at the moment and am currently favouring the Systane Ultra type drops. If anyone has any suggestions on what works for them I'm all ears as I'm still testing out others.

    I mainly work in robotics, but it just so happens that I also work in the optical industry on the side; I design and make spectacles. I'm in the early stages of planning to build something that would be a mix between goggles and everyday specs and I'm wondering if anyone knows about products that are in this category. The idea really is to hermetically seal my eyes so that the little volume of tears that I do produce don't evaporate so quickly.

    It might be appropriate to document the progress of this project in a blog. Coincidently I'm working on a facial 3D scanner with another company that will eventually assist me in modelling the spectacles' seating surface to my skin through reverse topology. I may fuse both these projects into the blog however I'll probably give it a bit more time to mull it over before I commence.

    If anyone has any links to direct me to any products in this category for me to reference that would be immensely helpful. Also if you may know, or may know anyone who knows if there would be side effects to keeping your eyes sealed all day that would also be useful - I can't imagine it being worse than them being dry all day.


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    Hi Charduff:

    I am sorry that I cannot help you with your query about products in the google/spec category but when I read your post you sounded exactly like me 6 months ago. I too was to the point of using drops every 20 min or so and my favorite was also Systane Ultra. I then made a discovery which I posted about. You may find this interesting.

    Today I am 80% better and sometimes can go until 3:00 before needing a drop. I do use the serum drops twice a day am and pm but WOW did it help to get off of the drops.....cheers....F/G


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      You may want to base it off the Wiley X goggles.. Although, the main problem that I have had with the wiley x glasses is that the foam is not thick enough to seperate the lense from my face causing them to fog up. I will be purchasing the goggles with the rubber seal once I obtain some contacts.. Feel free to send me a message. I had plans to build something other than just glasses.