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Tried literally every treatment, spared no expense... there is NO cure for Dry Eyes.

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  • Tried literally every treatment, spared no expense... there is NO cure for Dry Eyes.

    I'm 25 years old with extremely severe dry eyes and light sensitive eyes. I'm going to list all of the treatments I've tried with hopes that you don't spend a single dollar on any of them because they are all absolute BS unless instant temporarily relief that lasts 30 seconds is your end goal:

    1. Castor oil directly on the eye. DOESN'T WORK.
    2. Drugstore brand eye drops and gels. DONT WORK.
    3. Restasis corticosteroid prescription eye drops. DONT WORK.
    4. LipiFlow treatments. DONT WORK.
    5. Switching from contacts to glasses. DOES NOTHING.

    I'm not even going to disrespect any of the other SEVERE sufferers here by putting "hot compress" on the list.

    I am in a very angry mood right now and realizing what complete BS the eyecare industry is when it comes to dry eyes.


    Eye doctors should be ashamed of themselves until this problem is solved.

    Is anyone else a #&@%ing pissed off about this as I am? This is one of the most debilitating diseases and nobody cares about us.

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    Hi Ryan , i can totally relate all you have said. The solutions you listed that doesnot work on me either. What are your schirmer and tbut? My best advice is : try some coconut oil. Best thing i have tried


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      Hello Ryan,
      I do feel your pain. I've had MGD since I was 10 years old (am 27 today) so I understand your frustration. Yes, I do have phases when I am upset with the doctors, the situation and the slow progress in this area of research. However, I think there is a lot of options for you still to consider such as moisture chamber glasses, IPL and so forth. Have you tried/considered these?

      Although you may feel that nobody cares about us we have this community where we do care about each other's welfare. I hope you will find a sustainable treatment/solution as soon as possible mate.


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        Ryan: I can so relate to everything you say. Have you read The Dry Eye Remedy by Dr. Robert Latkany? It is excellent. He is based in New York and if you are near there, you may want to seek him out. If not, please do keep looking for an opthalmologist who is experienced with severe dry eye disease. They are hard to find.


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          Hi Ryan. I understand your frustration. For several years I tried all the things you listed, plus much more, and nothing worked. I too was totally disappointed at how most ophthalmologists prescribed the same standard treatments, when dry eye can be caused by so many different reasons. Ultimately you need to end up being your own advocate, get referrals on great doctors who have helped others, listen to observations made by the doctors, have them identify the root cause of your dry eyes (if they can), do research on different treatments and ask the doctors about them, keeping a log of what worked and what did not work for you including diet, etc.

          I had very severe dry eyes to the point where I could not read, watch TV, drive, or work for several years (see my post under the Dry Eye Triumphs forum - "Lemon and Green Tea...". Ultimately I gathered from a few doctors that my meibomian glands were clogged because my oil was the consistency of Crisco, so I had my glands probed several times, and then discovered to keep them from getting clogged again and make my oils flow, I had to change my diet to include fresh lemon in green tea. For me, that was what my body needed, but I had to methodically make changes to my diet one thing at a time, and track how my eyes felt the next day, and the weeks after.

          I tried Boston Scleral lenses initially and I could not tolerate them my eyes were so dry, but came back to them after I started getting better. Now I wear them at least 12 hours a day, and it helps me a lot with daily functioning and really soothes my eyes, I would not be able to nearly all that I do without them. And I had to research and ask my doctors about these scheral lenses myself, it was not recommended by ANY of them. These are nickel-sized dome-shaped contacts that have been increasingly successful in treating dry eye patients. Here's some info if you want to look into them:


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            Hi Ryan, I would suggest treating for demodex with Cliradex wipes. They may or may not be the cause, but everyone has them and certainly they are not helping the situation. This is no cure, but maybe try moisture chamber glasses as well.

            When I got to this state of mind, I switched to trying to figure out the source of the problem myself which is now keeping me quite busy. I am convinced that the medical community simply does not know the answer. If you look at clinical trials on PubMed you will see that it is quite complicated and there is a lot of research happening.

            I am also happy with the smallest improvement in my symptoms ... baby steps.
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              Hi Ryan,
              I am sorry you are going through this. I have been looking for a cure for several years. My daughter (who is 15) and I (age 50) are in a similar position as you. We have tried many things and have spent a lot of money over the last several years, but have not found a cure. It's been especially hard on my daughter who wants to feel good about herself.

              When things get really bad, we use a low dose steroid eye drop (fluoromethalone, .1%?), not the strong kind which can be irritating (FML forte which doctors seem to love these days). For just a short period of time, of course, since they can cause other issues. Steroid drops can pull us out of a nosedive. But our conditions are chronic. We are going to try plasma rich protein eye drops next. I will post on the website after we have returned from our trip. Your light sensitivity makes me think that you might have corneal abrasions. Have the doctors ruled those out? I had those in the beginning too.

              Ultimately, you have to do as Hokucat suggests and continue your search. There are other treatments out there, but it's not easy. I think I would have given up a long time ago, but I continue searching for my daughter.


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                Try flaxseed oil I heard that helps with watery eyes but you need to be patient and use it for atleast 3 months and get the liquid version not capsules drink 2 tablespoons a day I recommend spectrum essentials flaxseed oil its very high quality and doesnt taste bad like other cheap flaxseed oils