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Cloudy vision after cataract surgery

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  • Cloudy vision after cataract surgery

    I am new to this forum. Two years ago, I had cataract surgery on my right eye. I had a follow up laser treatment to burn out any remaining natural lens tissue, as I had complained of cloudy vision in that eye.

    The problem with the cloudy and filmy vision persists. The symptom is both a physical and visual one. It is as if there was a film of clear gel on the surface of my eye- the sensation is intermittent, and if I look through the border of my field of vision it is clear.

    I have seen 2 other eye doctors, and both have said that the new lens was installed very well. They have no idea about the filmy sensation in the eye,nor the cloudy vision.

    Due to open angle glaucoma, I use drops (Brimonidine) that makes my eyes dry as a side effect. But the drops do not cause or improve the "film" sensation. I use the usual range of lubricating drops for the dryness condition, with varying degrees of success.

    Has anyone experienced anything similar to this?



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    Jeffrey, did you by chance have refractive surgery before all this? I'm talking of Lasik or PRK. Lucy
    Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

    The Dry Eye Queen


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      I did not have any refractive surgery before the cataract surgery. I have worn glasses and contact lenses (briefly) for some time.

      I might add that the cloudy eye now refracts to 20/15, with the plastic lens.

      To add to my confusion, there seem to be some dietary considerations- when I eat some foods (starchy) or drink coffee, the symptoms seem to be exacerbated.



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        Jeffrey, I probably have nothing to add to your problem. I had Lasik first, then a few years later needed cat surgery. Had it on one eye, along with the capsular blasting later. Because of the Lasik, the docs can't calculate the correct strength of the iol. I came out -4.5. Plus, I have lots of corneal scarring from the lasik. I'm afraid to have my other eye done, but will have to pretty soon.

        I was thinking you had some corneal scarring from something, but it doesn't sound liike it. Good luck and keep on the doctors. Lucy
        Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

        The Dry Eye Queen


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          Sounds like dry eye to me, but your symptoms aren't the classic ones for dry eye and not all doctors would be able to relate to what you're describing. Have the doctors commented at all about the appearance of dryness on the corneal surface? Since it's affecting your vision it may be worth seeking out someone who is more of a dry eye specialist.

          I'm thinking some of the people on the board here with tear film irregularities like excess oil have reported that filmy kind of look/feel if I remember right.
          Rebecca Petris
          The Dry Eye Zone


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            Thanks for the suggestion. And, yes, my current doctor has suggested that the filmy sensation may actually be related to dry eye. He has remarked on the appearance of the cornea to this effect. As I use drops for the glaucoma, that also seems to contribute to the dry eye condition. But the filmy sensation only began after the cataract surgery, so I am making a cause and effect correlation here. If I temporarily stop the brimonidine, I still have the filmy sensation.

            I have tried many of the commercially available remedies, sticking mainly to the preservative-free compounds. None of them provide consistent relief from either symptom, which adds to the mystery.




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              Seems we have alot in common.
              I too have glaucoma and take zaltan drops to regulate my pressure and I too had cataract surgery and like you, I have a cloudy, hazy film over my eyes with the left eye being the worse. Both the doctor that did my cataract surgery and the doctor who I see in regards to glaucoma say all is well with the implants and can see no reason why my vision is cloudy. I had the laser surgery after my cataract surgery to burn away the old sac but it hasn't helped much. I'm at a loss as to what to do next. I've tried every eye lubricant drop and all to no avail. I'm not sure what manufacturer made my implants, but while surfing the internet I did find that on some particular implant lens there was a disorder called VVD or vaseline vision dysphotopsia. I'm in the process now of contacting my cataract doctor to see if this may be my case.
              Since we both have similar problems, I will keep you posted as to any progress I make.
              This condition has really made life more difficult for me and both my doctors just seem to fluff it off and say oh well, such is life. And I guess that if it is what it is there is not much I can do about it, but I was hoping my sight would be better after cataract surgery not worse.


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                Regards to cloudy vision

                I too had catract surgey and have cloudy vision , does it ever clear up during the day? Do you have prblems when you go outside with bright sunlight? Please let me know because it sounds like you have the same symptoms I have. Good luck


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                  It never really clears up, sometimes it's worse than other times but it never really clears up. I'm thinking that it's dry eye and drops do seem to help, but nothing makes it go away. I could actually see better before my cataract surgery than I can now. My eye specialist says all is well and that the surgery was successful and just kind of shrugs it off when I say my vision is cloudy, like it's no big deal, however, she doesn't have to live with it.
                  This dry eye is really something to try and live with. I don't know how much research is actually being done to try and find a cure and it seems as though there isn't much urgency to find a treatment by researchers. It's as if they are saying, hey, we have more important things to find a cure for, it's only dry eye, get over it. However, they don't have to live with it and I'm sure the end result for me will be in having to give up working and driving.
                  You asked about sunlight, yes, bright sun does bother me and headlights at night really bother me.
                  For me, when driving if I don't move my eyes I can see fairly well, however if I roll my eyes to look at the rearview mirror or the speedometer, I get all foggy. Everytime I move my eyes it's as if a wiper goes in front of my vision.