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Dr. Neel Desai in Tampa area

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  • Dr. Neel Desai in Tampa area

    One of the best dry eye specialists in the country, and definitely the best in the Tampa area. While others flock to Maskin in Tampa, Dr. Desai has a very unbiased approach to treatments (ie: does not do a pre-made set of treatments for 99% of his patients). His treatments are very much catered to each of his individual patients. He is willing to resort to surgery (ie: CCh with AMT), but wants to exhaust all non-surgical options first. He is quite young for a surgeon, but very accomplished. He really listens to his patient's concerns. Great bedside manner. I highly recommend him for anything regarding cornea and dry eye.

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    Hi linguininess
    It was very thoughful of you to share. Thanks. Trust your CCH with ATM operation went well. Congratulations!
    I have watched some of Dr Desai's educational viedos at YouTube - very informative/useful.

    Just curious,
    1) what CCH bothered you the most? watery eyes?
    2) Do they all dissapear now?
    3) Do you know what caused your CCH since you are only 30??

    Thanks a lot.
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      Dr Desail did not perform my surgery. My surgeon in LA performed it. I am still healing unfortunately.