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Dry eye/MGD doc in UK. London/South-East

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  • Dry eye/MGD doc in UK. London/South-East

    Anyone got a recommendation for a good mgd and dry eye doc in South-East area/London? I guess I'd also welcome suggestions from other areas. Travelling is difficult right now but perhaps I would be able to find a way of doing so if it was to see someone who could help.

    Main thing I'm looking for is someone who is not dismissive of dry eye and mgd, knows enough about mgd and how to treat it (also who might be interested in checking for the possible causes), who is willing to refer me to other departments/consultants if necessary, who takes the time to listen to me (symptoms, history, etc), and who performs the relevant tests (corneal topography, TBUT, etc) - and involves me (I never get told what tests are being performed, and have only once been told my TBUT, etc).

    Too much to ask for?

    I'm considering Moorfield private but have reservations. I know people here have mixed experiences there. I guess it depends on who you see. I'm also not sure if they're worth the extra cost? They seem to charge double what some other doctors who work elsewhere do. If there's someone there who people have found very helpful then I'm desperate enough to pay the extra.

    There are several BMI Sloane private hospitals close to me. Anyone got experience of their opthalmologists? I saw one in April but he might have been a bad egg. He only offers 15 min slots, which should have been a red flag for me. Maybe some BMI consultants offer longer consultations? I know I shouldn't have seen the one I did but I was desperate not to travel far if poss, and also he listed dry eye as one of his areas of expertise.....he really shouldn't...was more rushed & more dismissive of dry eye than the NHS docs I'd seen. No tests performed other than glaucoma (which I get done regularly at optometrists anyhow), and he sent me away telling me my mgd was under control. I believed him (assumed the problem was something else) until I saw the most recent doc who told me my eyes were severely inflammed and my mgd was very bad.... Doesn't bode well for my NHS appointment (due in a few months) because he is one of the NHS docs at my local eye department....