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My recent visit to Dr. Maskin in Tampa

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    Glands are made up of clusters of acini which produce the oil. I think its fair to say that the shorter the glands, the fewer acini and less oil is produced.

    Saline is used, I think, to flush out the surface of the eye as all four puncta are closed, the debris can't drain normally. Also provides some moisture and keeps the surface healthy naturally.

    I believe the doxy is prescribed to kill off the bacteria for better/cleaner oil. I was at a much higher dosage to start, so this is more maintenance to keep it clean.


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      Hey Lou. As far as Dr. Maskin being anti-scleral and anti-IPL, well everyone is definitely entitled to their opinion. He is a well respected doctor, so he must have his reasons.

      I can imagine if one's lids and/or meibomian glands are inflamed, the sclerals could further irritate the glands. Mine's are not inflamed. My tear film has improved since I had the last probing and started drinking the lemon/tea in 2015, and I have been wearing my sclerals daily since then, so I personally have not seen any impact of sclerals on my glands. Of course sclerals do not resolve MGD, but do protect my cornea from dryness, help provide comfort, and correct my vision, which are equally important to me. However, I do plan to ask my scleral, probe, and dry eye specialist about sclerals potentially impacting the glands, and do some research online. Thanks for mentioning it.

      As far as IPL not being a valid MGD treatment, I think those it has helped would disagree (I've never had IPL).

      Probing for you and me helped, but for some others it has not. So like anything else, no one treatment works for or is appropriate for everyone. I think in the end, although we look for guidance from our doctors, we need to be our own advocate and research the different treatments, get second or even third opinions, be very familiar with the details of our condition, and ultimately determine for ourselves the path we take to continue to improve. Given you are doing much better than before, sounds like you are on the right track.
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