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  • So glad I can post this

    Hi all,

    so it's been about 1 month now since my eyes are getting better. In June-August 2017 I had my worst time so far with dry eye. Burning from waking up until going to sleep. I don't know what's helping me at the moment, but I'm back to working again and my eyes are usually only burning for about 1 hour a day. So I got my regular 8 hour office day and some time at home at the screen. So this is as much strain as eyes could possibly get. I've been using Restasis for 1 month but I'm not sure if this actually helped. Now I'm off it for 3 weeks I think and the eyes kept getting better.

    My current treatment plan is:

    - acupuncture once a week
    - some alternative medicine involving snake venom. I don't know the exact formula, it's individual for any person anyway, but it should help the liver to deliver more moisture to the connective tissue since mine is pretty bad
    - fish oil & 1 spoon of flaxseed oil a day
    - running/biking 6 times a week
    - washing my lids with "Navi Blef" 2-3 times a day
    - cleaning lids with "Ilast gel" once a day
    - lubricating drops every 1-2 hours
    - thick gel at night. my gf noticed that I don't close my eyes fully at night sometimes. and I think I'm a partial blinker at day
    - healthier food, more veggies
    - hypnotherapy to deal with the eye symptoms

    Since I started acupuncture my mouth got so much better in terms of dryness. I was very afraid of having an autoimmune disorder and my mouth kept getting drier and drier. Probably because of the massive stress and anxiety. Now I'm back to normal saliva flow. I don't know if acupuncture helps on the eyes yet, but I'm just 2 sessions in it so far. 5 should be made at least.

    I don't know if this will last. But I was so desperate just a few weeks ago and was afraid that this status will last forever. And if I ever get worse again, I will open up this thread and see that there is hope everytime even when times look as dark as they could possibly get.

    For me sports are a huge factor. It's probably to get stress out of my body. The nervous system regulates every gland function in the body and if you're stressed you WILL produce less moisture.

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    Wissen, am so glad you are doing better, thanks for sharing what worked for you. You certainly took on a lot of different things since you first posted. I guess after you have been stable for a longer period, you can start taking one thing away at a time, to see if it made a difference or not. The snake venom in interesting, first time I ever heard of that!


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      Thanks Hokucat. :-)
      I want to be stable for a least 6 months before I change anything.
      BTW if you're into tea. Try chrysantemum/goji tea. Traditional chinese medicine has this tea especially against dryness. Drink 2-3 times a day for a few weeks.


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        Yeah, good idea to be stable a long time before changing anything. After the probing and lemon/tea helped me, I was so scared to stop any of the many other things I was doing! But am glad I did (although slowly and methodically), cause I was able to greatly simplify my regimen, and save money :-). But important to feel good first, I am truly so happy for you!

        I have been adding back goji berries into my green tea, how I used to drink it for several years. Before doing the probing and lemon/tea, my acupuncturist had given me chrysanthemum tea, the actual dried flower, so I would steep it. I used it for a half year but it didn't help me, maybe I will give it a try again, I am always looking to get even better, especially with diet. I understand it can be helpful for eyes in some cases. Thanks for mentioning it!


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          Hi wissen1
          Thanks for sharing the great news!

          Drop every 1-2 hours seems a lot. Does it make you feel better?
          If not, maybe good to try other brands? I have read that if over 6 times a day is not good - wash away our natur tears? Just something to share too!
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