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PLEASE/MUST READ-Natural Remedy for Dry Eyes,InflammationTired/Redness,Blepharitis,Puffy/InflamedEyelids

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  • PLEASE/MUST READ-Natural Remedy for Dry Eyes,InflammationTired/Redness,Blepharitis,Puffy/InflamedEyelids

    Let me just start off by saying that I had Lasik at the age of 18 and it ruined my life for a long time. I have tried probing, Lipiflow, BlephEx, punctal plugs, steroids and many creams, many eye drops, antibiotics, fish oil supplements, etcÖ and have seen many many doctors. If you feel lost and alone, sad and depressed, and have anxiety.. I was you. I was just starting my life, college, and independence, and dry eye syndrome had taken over me. I could not talk to anyone, no one understands. For a long time I gave up on doctors (still kind of do). My confidence and self-esteemÖ gone. Totally gone.

    But if you have blepharitis, inflamed and dry eyelids and eyes, MGD, and/or dry eye/red/tired eyes, eyelid dermatitis.. PLEASE READ because this has changed my lifeÖ This is what worked for me and I think can help many others.

    For the past 10 years I have had dry eyes... I believe that I also have blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids). Dry eye started for me in 2006 after my lasik surgery.

    My eyelids have always been puffy, tired, and red (inflamed) in addition to my eyes being bone dry.. The magical potion is WITCH HAZEL!!!

    Witch Hazel can be bought ay any drug store and many grocery stores. This is an organic anti-inflammatory astringent that also helps with puffy, irritated, and swollen skin. Itís about $5 and the consistency of water and the smell isnít strong or overpowering, and all is you do is rub it gently with a cotton ball and let dry. The feeling is invigorating!!! Within seconds my eyelids are not puffy or red, and I think it helps with the actual inflammation of your actual eye also. I am not sure if itís the astringent component or the anti-inflammatory component... BUT IT WORKS!!! For me half of the pain and suffering of dry eye is the inflammation part. I use it multiple times per day. There is no downside at all in using it.

    I still will probably suffer with dry eyes for the rest of my life, and that was a very tough pill to swallow. But witch hazel does help and it feels wonderful.

    This is what did nothing for me or made it worse.. all eye drops except Thera Tears, Lipiflow, any medicinal cream/gel, hot and cold compresses, eyelid expression for MGD, punctual plugs.

    This is what helped.. I think after years of eye drops, creams, gels, medicines, and lid scrubs/baby shampoo, my eyes needed a good cleaning. I think that BlephEx helped to give me a fresh, clean slate. If you have used many things this is worth trying and itís non-invasive. It basically cleans your eyelids. I am not 100% sure if this helped, but I think it did. Probing may have opened my glands also. I am not 100% sure but it is all worth a try if your desperate like I was.

    The worst thing you can do to your eyes, THE WORST, is use eyelid scrubs or baby shampoo.. It washes away all your healthy oils and dries your skin around your eyes, which actually dries your eyes too. I think that highly contributes to my dry eye suffering and inability to wear makeup, etc. DO NOT USE LID SCRUBS OR BABY SHAMPOO TO WASH OFF MAKEUP OR TO WASH YOUR EYELIDS. Doctors tell you to, they are 100% wrong. To help with dryness and eyelids sticking together in the morning, you can start using organic, unrefined coconut oil (and to wash make up off) and witch hazel as a moisturizer. First, apply the witch hazel and let it dry (no need to wash it) then apply coconut oil to your face and eyelids as a moisturizer. This couldnít be any easier and inexpensive. I also started taking Thera Tears Fish Oil. As soon as I started moisturizing my eyelids (careful not to get in eyes) I didnít wake up with my eyelids stuck together. I truly believe that a strong contributor to blepharitis and dry eye is dry skin around the eyes. SO moisturize and my favorite moisturizer is unrefined coconut oil. You donít need medicines and strong aromatic creams, etc. simple and natural is the way to go.

    Itís been over 10 years of me suffering and I know the dry eye syndrome is a part of my life. But my inflammation and eye puffiness is under control, blepharitis. I recommend anyone with eye problems give it a try. Itís cheap, easy, easy to find, and its all-natural. No doctor or prescription needed. It couldnít be easier actually. Also, it feels great for all over your face too. My skin has never been smoother. I hope this can help many people suffering, because dry eye syndrome is very difficult to deal with for so many reasons. But no matter what.. Never give up on trying to find something that works best for you.

    To sum this up, try BlephEx if you have suffered a long time and have used many products to start with a fresh/clean slate for your eyelids (you do need to find a doctor to do this for you, unfortunately), use witch hazel morning and night to help with the inflammation and puffiness (just dab it and rub it on with a cotton ball and let dry), and at night carefully apply coconut oil to your eyelids so they arenít dry (donít get it in eye). Also, try using Thera Tears Fish Oil, 3 pills per day I take them at night.

    Good luck, I promise it will get better

    ********T.N. Dickinson's Witch Hazel******** MAGICAL, easy, cheap, invigorating. anti-inflammatory, astringent: I will definitely use this every day for the rest of my life.
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    Interesting, thanks for sharing. It is always refreshing to find something that worked for someone. As we all know what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another but if we share our successes then hopefully we can come up with the combination that works for us. I am very happy for you and intend to find myself some Witch Hazel...what a name!


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      I looked on Amazon, and so many choices for Witch Hazel, plain or with Alo Vera, what do you recommend. It is cheap


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        I agree about the scubs! I stopped after reading on twitter about a extremely experienced doctor who advised to not even use water in eye lids if you have dry eye! It not only drys them out but also effects your TBUT dramatically!
        I now I only wipe my eyes with Very small amount coconut oil to remove debris and it's helped.
        People have recovered, so can we.


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          Its very cheap. Almost all grocery stores and drug stores have it.. I get the 100% natural. You can find it from $5-8. I think this is great for blepharitis. It's not strong in aroma and is very gentle.

          Here is the exact one one amazon. And they don't expire either.
          T.N. Dickinson's Astringent, 100% Natural, Witch Hazel 16 fl oz (473 ml)


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            thank you for sharing


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              Kayla how do the whites of your eyes look? Mine are so red and veiny.


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                After surgery my eyes were sooo red for years, from dry eye. It's been 10 years.. within those years I developed blepharitis and my eyelids were sore, puffy.. since I've been moisturizing my eyelids and using witch hazel my eyeslids have become less inflamed including my eyes. They are not nearly as red as before..
                Are your eyes red from dryness?? What are your other symptoms. I would give witch hazel a try. Try not to get in your eye but rub gently on your eyelids, upper and lower, with a cotton ball and it may help with your inflammation/redness of your eyes. It helped with mind. I use it morning and night and no need to rince.

                Good luck,



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                  Thanks Kayla. I'm going to order some now. My eyes have been red and veiny for 2 years now and my lids are very swollen. Did it take long to work?
                  Can you wear any make up? I'm so fed up of this


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                    I wear make up and wash it off with virgin unrefined coconut oil at the end of the day. For me the witch hazel works immediately. I wake up every day with puffy eyelids and nothing worked but this. I suffered with red and dry eyes for a very long time. Stopping lid scrubs and keeping my eyelids moisturized with a gentle lotion like Cetaphil helped for a long time with my blepharitis and dryness. But witch hazel I use morning afternoon and noght. You can use it as often as you want.