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    Hi Subashli,

    Too bad there aren't any good aryuvedic dr. in NY. I wish there was. I have been using the triphala churna, yesterday morning and at night.Yesterday afternoon my eyes felt much better, I didn't want to get to excited about it though. It kind of made my eyes water a lot most of the day and burn a little and I think that the moisture helped them. I went to teach a class last night and I wasn't even thinking about my eyes. When I came home I told my husband that eyes are feeling a lot better. I didn't want to say anything to him because I don't want to get my hopes up and chinx it. I woke this am my eyes were dry though. I used it again this morning and and afternoon. My eyes are dryer today though. I'm not sure yet. I haven to see how it goes with this. I can't wait to try the triphala ghrita internally. I'm thinking maybe that the combination may really help (hopefully. Its being shipped from India and was just shipped out today so it may take a while.
    We might as well try things if its not harmful because who wants to be in pain all the time especially if nothing else is working.
    The first time I used the churna last week which was only one time. My eyes were watering and felt burning and I got a headache. I read in an article that your eyes may burn about a week when starting this and after a week it should stop. I realized I should really give it another chance. I think my headache may have been from something else.


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      how did you find out about this? do you live in INdia? thanks!!! just curious if you went to an Indian doc.. i live in the midwest in the states and doubt i will find that type of doc.


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        I found out everything through internet. Google is my doctor .

        I live in Texas but right now in India on vacation. I visited a reputed Opthalmologist (western medicine) in India recently, but he was not of any help. He asked me if I really have dry eye or was that just my feeling in the mind. He asked all irritating questions and finally told me to keep using the drops that I was using. I realized I know more about dry eye (thanks to google) than the doctor's assistants over at the hospital. It was totally waste. Not many Opthalmologists truly understand or care dry eye. I would say we can count on fingers the number of doctors who care for their patients.

        But I have not visited an ayurvedic doctor in India yet. Have to make some time and visit.


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          Hi All,

          I am here to tell you all one more proof that Triphala Ghritam really really works. I had very bad dry eyes after lasik( just completed 1 year of lasik in Feb ) . Like all others I tried everything , every medicine, been to best of best dry eye doctors, but every time as expected I came out with more eye drops.

          I am form India and work here on H1B visa. One day my one of relative from india told about Triphala Ghritam and sent me few bottles of medicine ( getting FDA clearance in US was another pain I had to take) but anyway I got my medicines and started using that. I must admit that this is first time I am using any Ayurvedic medicine and like others I was skeptical. But after 1 week itself I started feeling its magic. I started feeling less dependent on eye drops. Before starting Ghritam I used to put eye drops atleast 4-5 times a day apart from morning and night drops( restasis + Lotemax etc).
          Now it has been 3 months I have started Ghritam and I do not use any drops throughout days. I stopped Lotemax all together and using only restasis 2 times a day.

          I had major problem with dry eyes during night. I was not able to sleep even for 2 hours without waking up for more drops and i morning I used to wake up with terrible tired eyes like they had been on computer for full night.
          And now I can sleep full night ( 8-9 hours ) without waking up in middle. When I wake up in morning I still feel little dry but for last 1-2 weeks I am feeling improvement in this also.

          I can just say about this that it is miracle medicine we all are looking for. After my this experience I have become die hard fan of Ayurveda. And best part it is sooooo cheap compare to western medicines.

          I just want to say that give it a try. We have tried so much I think we can do one more time and I am sure you will be really impressed.

          One more thing this medicine is so good for overall health of eye. I am feeling my eyes more clear and sharp these days. This is awesome.....

          Kudos to Subashli for sharing this miraculous thing with us...


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            This thread has really piqued my interest in ayurvedic medicine and I made an appointment two days from now with an ayurvidic doctor here in Toronto. Fortunately we have a large Indian community so there seems to be many clinics around my way. Crossing my fingers.
            FOR WE WALK BY FAITH, NOT BY SIGHT (2 Corinthians 5:7).


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              hi all

              Just a little update. I've been watching my diet for the last 3 weeks. I cut out cheese,spicy foods,white bread, milk, sugars a lot- which includes certain fruits(still have my white chocolate lattes almost everyday which is hard to give up),raw fish, shellfish, greasy foods, pasta and alcohol except for 1 drink I had almost 2 weeks ago. The diet is toughI am also doing a cleanse called paragone. My accupuncturist has instructed me to cut down on all of this. My accupuncturist also gave me an herb to take that I've been taking for the last 2 weeks for allergies called -Te Xiao Bi Min Gan Wan- 6 pills 2x's a day.
              You would think I ate well because I am personal trainer and fitness instructor but I don't. I've also been using the triphala churna soak for my eyes once or twice a day for the last I'd say over a week and a half. I'm also using once in a while alternating patanol and the cromolyn eye drops and systane preservative free drops. My eyes are doing better. I don't want to get to excited about it but my eyes are moister(not 100% of the time but a lot more). My eyes are still a little sore and sometimes are feeling inflamed, or itchy. On a scale of 1 to 10 my eyes are a 4 right now which is a lot better. The accupuncturist said my eyes should start feeling moister by now. He said it will take some more time for the soreness, burning and itchyness to go away. He said as time goes on everything will improve more and more. Accupuncturist also said to turn down the heat at night because that causes dryness because my eyes are still very dry at night. He said to use a humidifier too which I'm going to do soon.

              I ordered the ghrita and got it but I haven't started it yet because I'm using the paragone cleanse right now and don't want to overload and I'm allready taking a lot of things. In addition to those things I've been taking 2 probiotic pills called saccharomyces boulardll +mos,2 gel caps of Ultimate omega by nordic naturals, and 4-500mg gel caps of black current seed oil and drinking more water. Soon as I'm done with the paragone I'm going to start taking the Ghrita as suggested by Subashli. Thanks subashli!!

              I'm not sure what is making a difference because I'm doing so many things right now. All I know is feeling a little better is making me happier. I hope it lasts.


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                Found this interesting article too


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                  Reggie please let us know how your apt goes.. good luck! this is very interesting


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                    Where did you buy the triphala? It was from this site ?

                    I'm asking you because i would like to know a trustful site to buy it, and a trustful brand.

                    Another question: is the pack size on that website (150g) enough fo one month?

                    You've said you take one or two spoons of triphala two times a day. But it is a teaspoon, or another spoon size?



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                      I purchased in India and brand is "Baidyanath". Frankly, I do not know any trusted site to buy.

                      This site is selling Baidynath's Triphala Ghrita ---

                      Best Brands for Ayurvedic Medicines as told by a doctor:
                      1. Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (AVP) - Coimbatore ---- I read somewhere that many westerners including doctors are coming here (AVP) and taking ayurvedic courses. Here are the links:

                      [Personally, I used Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (AVP) medicines and to me they are excellent in quality. MY rating would be number 1].
                      However I do not know if they manufacture Triphala Ghrita.

                      2. Arya Vaidya Sala - Kottakal

                      3. Nagarjuna Pharma

                      I do not know which sites sell these brands. You might have to google to find out.

                      Here is some info from my research:
                      1. "General ayurvedic" medicines are different from medicines manufactured in the state of "Kerala" in India. Some medicines are common in both.
                      2. Ayurvedic medicines and even treatment in the state of Kerala is slightly different.
                      3. The state of "Kerala" in India is very famous for ayurveda. Many westerners, even people from other states in India go to "Kerala" in order to get authentic traditional ayurvedic treatment.
                      4. Personally I like Kerala ayurveda treatment and their medicines. But I do not mean to say that general ayurveda is bad ... but kerala gets more points.

                      General Ayurveda Brands - Dabur, Baidyanath, Himalaya
                      "Kerala" Ayurveda Brands - "Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (AVP)", "Arya Vaidya Sala - Kottakal"

                      Note: If someone else knows any other good brands, and/or if my research is not correct, please let us know.
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                        Sorry Jenny I had to cancel the appointment for this week due to scheduling conflicts. I did pick up a bag of triphala from a health food store but I'm not sure if it's triphala ghrita. It just says raw organic thriphala powder on the bag (mixture of 3 fruits, amalaki, haritaki and bibitaki). Can anyone provide any insight as to the differences?

                        Anyways, when I first mixed it with water (bag says it can be mixed with any beverage and I don't have milk right now), I found the taste to be extremely terrible. It was very difficult to swallow and I woke up with a sore throat (unsure if I'm just getting sick). I started mixing it with honey and it has made it a bit easier to ingest but the taste is so bad that each time I drink it I am on the verge of throwing up. I'm am usually a guy that can drink nasty supplements if it benefits my health but this has been very challenging. I'm thinking bout picking up some orange juice in the hope that it will mask the taste of the triphala better. As for its effectiveness, I haven't felt anything so far but I will keep taking it as long as I can.
                        FOR WE WALK BY FAITH, NOT BY SIGHT (2 Corinthians 5:7).


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                          hey i understand Reggie.. if it's burning your throat i dont knw.. unless u have something else... stomach bugs and stuff are going on around here in the midwest-in the states.. and rainy here.. not sure how your weather is but a bunch of people i know are sick


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                            Triphala Ghrita

                            I purchased triphala ghrita from one of the sites mentioned earlier in another thread. I got my package 2 days ago. The substance I purchased reminds me of butter (or ghee) - it is not a powder.

                            I took my first "dose" yesterday. Boy, is it an acquired taste!!! I put approx a tablespoon in a big mug of tea... have you ever seen melted butter floating on tea? That's what it looked like. Anyway, I'm going to try a different vehicle today!


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                              Originally posted by spmcc View Post
                              I purchased triphala ghrita from one of the sites mentioned earlier in another thread. I got my package 2 days ago. The substance I purchased reminds me of butter (or ghee) - it is not a powder.

                              I took my first "dose" yesterday. Boy, is it an acquired taste!!! I put approx a tablespoon in a big mug of tea... have you ever seen melted butter floating on tea? That's what it looked like. Anyway, I'm going to try a different vehicle today!
                              Is recommended dosage a tablespoon or a teaspoon?



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                                Originally posted by bakunin View Post
                                Is recommended dosage a tablespoon or a teaspoon?

                                Suggested Dosage of Triphala Ghrita: - Take 1 teaspoon twice a day with milk.
                                I kind of wish I bought another type of Triphala (not the ghrita or ghee). I think it would be easier (more palatable) to take a pill! Unfortunately, I think most Triphala is advertized as a laxative or intestinal cleanse (in other words, not for the eyes). Who knows... it's all a crapshoot!