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Improvement, Success, and happiness!! FINALLY

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  • Improvement, Success, and happiness!! FINALLY

    Hi everyone
    I havent written on here in awhile and I wanted to be sure I was out of the dark long enough before I went ahead and posted a success story...but anyway I am SO happy to say I have finally improved my condition and have been living happier...
    It has been a LONG, depressing road being only 17 and stuck with blepharitis and some mgd. (although I know there are others my age in the same boat as me..)
    It's been pretty much almost a year since this whole nightmare started and in about March was when I was at my absolute worst. I had image issues all my life to begin with but when I got this whole eye condition, I pretty much hit rock bottom crying everytime I had to look in the mirror. Yes, it sounds very vain and I hated myself for that but being only in high school makes it that much worse...But of course, it was one thing that I hated the way i looked but MUCH worse that I had random bouts of pain all the time. Starting from swollen eyelids, to burning and stinging, to painful eyelid pain along the lash line and soreness. I was a wreck.
    I did everything I could from compresses up to 6 times a day, to washing my eyelids CONSTANTLY...little did I know I was only exacerbating things. I needed to calm down and trust that things would get better but I just couldn't. Junior year was going to be such an important year...applying for colleges and I feared I'd live depressed and in pain forever. Through this whole thing, help mentally I think was the greatest thing that made an improvement for me. (and i had tried many drugs too from steriods to doxy to azasite..) but its as if I was so full of anxiety that my body wouldnt allow healing. Stress does a number on you. Thats a fact.
    So on to the progress. Summer was kinda rough. There were certain times in the beginning of the school year where I wanted to give up as well. But I took more action, got some Prozac (antidepressants for my anxiety been on for more than a month now) and took care of my body by eating right, trying to excerise a bit and BEING SOCIAL trying to just enjoy life and have fun with friends. This all helped immensly.
    Needless to say at my last eye doctor appointment I went to yesterday he had said that my eyes looked the best hes seen them since he frst started seeing me in about the beginning of July (i had been to 2 other eye doctors before that) and that I didnt have to come back for follow ups anymore cept' for when I needed him. I WAS SO HAPPY.
    Now. here are some do's and donts I have discovered.
    Good things:
    -Do regular compresses and light washes but not too much to make things worse
    -Take care of your body by eating right (fruits and veggies) and exercise
    -Get mental support!!! I needed alot of support from friends etc and antidepressants IF NEED BE... BUT one of the biggest was this site, everyone here is wonderful.
    -Focus on now and have fun with family and friends and distract your mind with reading, art <favorite, and hobbies
    -If your religious, prayer has helped me somewhat in really tough times...
    Bad Things:
    - Do not obsess. That was one of my biggest problems. I would constantly obsess over the internet and look at my eyes trying to figure out other remedies for healing. Its not worth it. I had to give it time.
    -Do not give up hope!!! I did. many times. but I got through it..
    -Do not over wash and don't touch them < I had a big problem with this in the beginning...

    The other thing I wanted to stress was that my problems are not completely over. Yes, I still have blepharitis but its more under control. Yes my eyes are still a bit sore but those problems are still being discovered because I may have sinus issues...
    Last but not least I wanted to thank everyone on this site for all their help and support they have offered me!!! Especially Rebecca for making this site, Littlemermaid for being there for ALL my numerous questions, spmcc, jadavispcfl, and Angela. and everyone else. This site as been extremely helpful in this long road but things are looking up from here THANK YOU SO MUCH! I could not wait til i could FINALLY say that. But they are Thank God.
    Oh. and im sorry this is so long. but I just couldnt stop
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