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almost 4 years of severe dry eyes since Lasik...

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    GLA: also increases tear production. Best is combined with omega 3 and food (Vit. E & C) & x2-3/day instead of x1. Not all supplements are the same. Many docs in USA recommend PRN and ___, I forgot the name - one of the brands has GLA. Omega 3: bio, cold pressed flaxseed oil. All these are based on my research from American professional journals.

    Mask pad: Not sure if 50C is safe. Maybe better 15-20 min but 43C is effective but safer?
    Interestingly recently I read an article - which one American dr said most people perforum warm compress incorrectly.
    She added, should be at least 42C and 10 min.

    Avenova: thanks for sharing. I have heard/read a lots of it and seems it is a trend. But only available in USA - however I have managed to find an alernative, which helped me in 2 days. Some 6 doctors said I did not have inflammation but I was curious to try NEW stuff.

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      Originally posted by KaylaR View Post
      Hi SAAG, are you still on here? I wanted to see if Restasis helps you since our stories are similar.
      Hey Kayla,

      You're right, our stories do sound very similar - even the timing of our Lasik was in the ballpark - I had mine in fall of 2005. Worst decision of my entire life. Grrrrr!

      In any case, yes, I still use Restasis. I was using it four times daily for a long time, but since relocating to a humid, tropical climate, I can get away with only using it 3 times daily. However, when I return home to visit every summer, I find increasing back to 4 times daily starting a month before my arrival and continuing for the duration of my stay is useful (back home it's not tropical, so drier air and increased Restasis dose helps compensate a bit).

      re: pain of dry eyes

      Have you tried wearing moisture chambers? They were the single BIGGEST help at alleviating/preventing the pain of dry eye. Wiley X makes them... for something more subtle, Harley Davidson has some nice frames too (their foam gaskets are much more discreet compared to to the Wiley X's). If you wear the sunglasses version when shopping, people just assume you forgot to take off your sunglasses when you came indoors - makes a huge difference in comfort to wear them. For around the house, I used to wear the clear-lens Wiley X's all the time (nowadays, I only need them sometimes) - I hate the look of the ones with the clear lenses, but try to avoid looking in the mirror when I'm wearing them so I'm not reminded of that fact haha

      Whatever you do, leave no stone unturned to find relief - there's hope! I rarely experience pain from my eyes these days as long as I take good care of them (including putting on my clear-lens Wiley X moisture chambers indoors at home if needed, and always having the sunglasses version (I currently wear Harley Davidson ones) when I go out - I even wear them after dark if I need the protection they provide from the wind.
      Yet another post-Lasik (2005)...
      Anyone have a time machine so I can go back and undo this mess?