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Dry eyes and permanent veins in eyes

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    Hi Bones
    Yes, if you have inflammation particularly bacteria, hot compress is bad.

    Inflammation: important to get it under control as soon as possible. Omeg 3 helps on this. But Not all omeg 3 supplements are the same.
    PRN and HydroEye have the best studies which I could not get them.
    My blood tests show my omeg 3 & 6 are almost double than normal but I am taking flaxseed oil (cold press, bio) to thin my oil since I dont have inflammation issue.
    diet plays an important role on inflammation - I dont eat sweets, sugar, proceed food, not so much meat. lots of nuts daily, fruit etc.

    I find blinker exercise 20/20/20 is effective.

    Do you know your glands and oil status? such as if clear oil comes out when dr express glands, how many glands are functional?

    Enjoy your research.