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Dry eyes and permanent veins in eyes

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    Originally posted by pythonidler View Post

    What other tests did the doctor do on you? Did he do a Schirmer Test (putting test strips in the eye to measure tear production)? Did he do meibography (taking pictures of your meibomian glands)?
    There was some sort of test with a paper strip. They put something in the bottom of my eyes and also gave me some sort of drops and looked at my eyes with a bright light. No pictures but they pressed on my oil glands. This was just the first visit so I felt like it was adequate for that. I have to go back in 3 weeks.


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      Based on what you posted, it sounds like the doctors diagnosed you with both tear deficiency (not enough watery tears) as well as meibomian gland dysfunction (oil glands not producing enough oil). Do you recall your doctor mentioning this? If you have MGD, have you heard about heat masks? They can be great at getting the oils flowing. I use mine every night for about 10 minutes.

      Regarding images of your eye, I think any half-way decent doctor should be able to do meibography on your first visit. Personally, I've seen 4 dry eye doctors, and the last two I've seen (also the two best) have done meibography on my first visit. I'm not saying you should abandon your doctor right away, as you can still get good treatment - but it would raise some warning flags for me. I'd say give your doctor 6 months to make you better. If you feel like you're getting worse or staying the same, it's probably time to find another doctor.


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        Yes the doctor said to use a heat mask twice a day but I haven't purchased one yet. I was doing some research on them and I'm concerned about the hygiene. Is it possible to get an infection from them? And is using a heat mask for a few months actually going to cure the MGD or is just going to provide some relief and I'd have to use it the rest of my life?

        The treatment plan is as follows:

        1) Alrex eye drops for four times a day the first week, three times a day the second week, twice a day the third week, and once a day for the fourth week
        2) Systane Balance as needed up to 4 times a day maximum
        3) Sleeping goggles at night
        4) Heat mask twice a day for 10 minutes


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          The heat mask will not cure MGD. Right now, there is nothing that can actually "cure" MGD, but you can do certain things to make yourself feel better. A heat mask is the cheapest and easiest option.

          As for whether you have to do this the rest of your life - I would say you should do this indefinitely. The thing that sucks about dry eye is that it's a chronic disease. Generally speaking, chronic diseases can't be cured and can only be "managed". Heat masks are one way of managing it.

          I would follow your doctor's advice and use the heat mask at least once a day. If you're not good about using the heat mask, your MGD will get worse, and the treatment options will only get more expensive. Lipiflow is about $1500/eye right now, and IPL can be anywhere from about $300 to $500 per treatment.