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  • RCE diagnosis

    I introduced myself and gave some background in my intro thread, but I think maybe I should give an update.

    I'm being treated at the Moorfields, and they are definitely better than the local hospital. Thanks to the bandage lens I am now down to drops and don't need to use compresses overnight. On the flip side, I have to wear sealed dark glasses and can't really use my prescription lenses making me legally blind and have to be careful about reading or closework. I am still waking up at night, but now it is only once and seems to happen before an erosion. If I spend the next hour or so putting drops in every five minutes I can stop it happening. As I found out, if I don't put the drops in, an erosion happens very soon afterwards.

    The good news is that the bandage lens appears to be working, and the surface of my right eye is improving. I might dodge surgery. Unfortunately, there's a patch on my left eye that looks wrong, slightly wrinkled, and that's normally where the problem occurs so I've been told I might need a lens in the left eye once the right eye is done.

    On the other hand, after how bad it was in June I feel like my life is slightly more under control.

    Hi! I've been diagnosed with corneal erosion after my GP referred me (actual conversation: "Do you know the Moorfield?" "Yes?" "Go there now. They'll see you today.") Initially it was one eye. but now it seems to be both, and despite the gel my eyes are still getting stuck shut

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    An update: After nearly four months, the bandage lens is out and I am managing on drops only. The drops are going in every 30 mins or so thanks to the cold weather and overnight so it is difficult to sleep, but I haven't had another erosion so far. It seems the right eye is now in better condition than the left, so if the right eye stays stable over Christmas I'll be back in January to see about treating the left if that one doesn't improve.

    I seem to have avoided surgery, (it sounds like it probably won't improve things much more, and with the risks it isn't worth it) for which I am very, very, grateful, and I am managing to get a few hours work done a day. It isn't perfect, but it is so much better than it was. Fingers crossed it stays at this level.