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New Prokera Clear Amniotic Membrane Contact Lens

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  • New Prokera Clear Amniotic Membrane Contact Lens

    Recently Bio-Tissue Inc. (founded by Dr. Tseng I believe) added a new option to the Prokera product line.

    The original options included the Prokera Slim, Prokera and Prokera Plus. As far as I know each one represents a different thickness of membrane with the plus being double-layered. You can see a list of conditions each one is indicated for on this page.

    One drawback to the contact lens is that the amniotic membrane is not transparent and so you cannot see through the lens during the treatment duration. So Bio-Tissue have come out with a new option, Prokera Clear. It allows the pupil to see out of the lens while the rest of the cornea is covered. This allows people to have the Prokera in and still work or do other stuff. Reading Phillips55's helpful feedback on their experience with Prokera one of the things they mentioned was the inconvenience of not being able to see through the lens, so this may now be an option for people who were put off by that factor.

    The new Prokera Clear is not yet on the list of conditions each lens is indicated for, though a news article states:
    Prokera Clear® is ideal for ambulatory, chronic ocular surface disease, corneal-involved dry eye patients, and post Lasik/PRK patients.

    I contacted Bio-Tissue Inc. and they stated that the new Prokera Clear is equivalent to the Prokera Slim as far as conditions it is indicated for, that includes "common dry eye and recurrent corneal erosions" plus more according to the Bio-Tissue page. For severe and rare conditions like Stevens-Johnson Syndrome or Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis the double membrane layer of the Prokera Plus is still reccomended and the "Prokera Clear" platform is not compatible with it.

    Further news articles relating to Prokera Clear below:

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    How to Maintain Patient Vision During Treatment for Ocular Surface Diseases

    Bio-Tissue introduces clear bandage lens
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