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Lubricin data demonstrates significant improvement in multiple signs and symptoms

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  • Lubricin data demonstrates significant improvement in multiple signs and symptoms

    I recently came across the following article on the Harvard ophthalmology website:

    David A. Sullivan, PhD, in collaboration with colleagues from several institutions worldwide, evaluated the use of recombinant human lubricin a glycoprotein with lubricating, anti-adhesive and anti-inflammatory activities as a treatment for patients with dry eye disease. The results of this clinical trial, published in the September issue of The Ocular Surface, showed significant improvement in signs and symptoms of dry eye disease, without adverse events during the investigation. Current treatments for dry eye disease provide only limited symptomatic relief, so the results of this trial are encouraging as a potential treatment for both measured symptoms and objective signs of dry eye disease.
    The full press release can be found here and the results of the clinical trial can be found here. I've been using Hylo Gel eyedrops (which are based on sodium hyaluronate) for a while now, so this is encouraging news. I've checked the Lubris website for more information but I'm not sure what the timeline for further testing and commercial release is. If anyone has more information, feel free to share.
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    Hi. Thanks do much for sharing this! It's always great to hear of innovative treatments and eye drops like this on the horizon that sound promising and give us hope we can feel better.