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Phlereton - SCAM bleph treatment

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  • Phlereton - SCAM bleph treatment

    Hi all. I hope that many if not all of you are experiencing what would be considered a somewhat good day today. Lord knows that we all need more of these!!

    A question on a product that was just suggested to me: Is anyone familiar with Phlereton as a supposed "cure" for blepharitis? It is an herbal supplement.

    Thanks for any input you all might have.


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    It's a scam. Here is just a few of the conditions that this company claim to cure:

    Been suffering from Granuloma Annulare? Well, no need to suffer any more.
    Buy Greneton

    Based on their efficacy to treat Premature Gray Hair extracts from the followings herbs are combined together in specific quantities in the formula

    Based on their efficacy to treat Sjogren's Syndrome extracts from the followings herbs are combined together in specific quantities in the formula:

    See the pattern? Find a condition that is difficult to cure and there's sure to be someone exploiting it. Gordon's Herbal Remedy Centre - I think it's based in New Zealand


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      Thanks for the scam comment. Not only do the product names appear similar, but if you look at the ingredients that they list they are often times identical for entirely different illnesses and products. I am sure glad I didn't blindly jump into this because it would appear that you are entirely correct in pointing out the scam potential with this manufacturer.


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        There are a few scams like this.

        There was one called Blephtin that claimed to `cure' blepharitis by using a tried & tested blend of homeopathic remedies. Like Phlereton, there were several other conditions that the company claimed to be able to cure.

        These are not isolated cases; I've even seen claims that Autism and Attention Deficit Disorder were `cured' with miraculous concotions. The testimonies always read the same.

        These companies rarely give an address - only a post box number. From memory, I think the Blephtin company was based in Berlin.

        Caveat emptor is the Latin for Let the buyer beware


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          I changed the title of this thread. I had a question from a reader about this site, and while looking into it I noticed phlereton is being advertised on Google AdWords - just want to make sure no one falls for it.

          I read the website. As far as I can tell, it's a canned, generic site text into which they just drop the name of the disease they're selling some ridiculously overpriced herbal 'remedy' for. Very efficient. Really ticks me off.
          Rebecca Petris
          The Dry Eye Zone


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            ..and I was so hoping that one would treat my premature gray...