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Where to buy sterile castor oil drops?

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  • Where to buy sterile castor oil drops?

    I'd like to try castor oil for my eyes but I can't seem to find anywhere that I can purchase sterile castor oil. I read some scary info about fungus and bacteria that can be present in organic castor oil so I would feel safer if I could buy it sterile. Any info very much appreciated.

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    Ask your pharmacy to order in some pharmaceutical grade (carrier oil grade) castor oil.

    I have read that the castor oil should be organic and hexane free. I'm not sure if the one that I have is hexane free, but from the research I have done, the higher quality ones used in pharmaceutical applications would be hexane free.

    Best of luck.


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      Thank you. I'll ask. Anyone else using castor oil with success?


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        These drops are available in Canada and can be bought online through a Canadian pharmacy.


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          HI I am using this

          I apply it with an eye dropper and it feels very nice, better than the previous CO I was using which was not hexane free. However, should Iget some pharmaceutical grade?


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            I don't know that pharmaceutical grade is necessarily better. I was using pharmaceutical grade CO and gradually started noticing more morning mucous in my eyes and more burning during the day.

            I haven't used any CO now for a couple of weeks and I notice less mucous and less burning during the day.

            It may be that the pharmaceutical grade is sterile, but not hexane free.


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              Tried the castor oil and my eyes are burning (yes, hexane free)!! I use Restasis 2X/day without any problems.