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Finding a Lab autologous eye serum

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  • Finding a Lab autologous eye serum

    I am looking for a lab in AZ that can prep the blood to send to Leiters Pharmacy in CA to make the autologous eye serum drops. It's been a difficult process and I hoping someone that gets these drops shipped to CA has some ideas how to find a lab that can follow the specific instructions to send the blood. Also anyone have any good results with these drops and if so how long before you noticed an improvement? P.S. I have an eye doctor that has never heard of these drops that is willing to get them for me if I can just find a lab. Thanks so much for your time!

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    Wow! That sounds like an enormous undertaking to get the serum shipped to CA!

    Are there any pharmacies closer to home that have a laminar flow hood? These kinds of hoods are used to prepare I.V. solutions and other products that must be sterile... if you can find a local pharmacy that has one of those, maybe they will make the autologous serum drops for you. Compounding pharmacies are the most likely ones to have this specialized equipment... you could look in the yellow pages for pharmacy ads that say they do specialty compounding, and start by asking those... might be easier than trying to get the serum shipped to CA...

    I've been using these drops almost a year now (maybe it's already a year... don't remember for sure!)... anyhow, I noticed improvement quite quickly... they're not a miracle cure of anything like that, but I'm quite sure they've helped.

    Good luck!
    Yet another post-Lasik (2005)...
    Anyone have a time machine so I can go back and undo this mess?


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      Hi Saag!
      That's a great idea. There is a couple of compounding pharmacies near my home. I will call them tomorrow and see if they can help. Thanks so much for your reply. I hope they can help me too. I know there isn't a cure but I sure could use some hope and relief.
      Thanks again!!


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        Hopefully you'll find one with the necessary equipment - as long as they have the equipment needed for sterile I.V. solutions etc, it should be no problem for them to make you the serum drops, as long as the serum can be transported from the lab to the pharmacy in a timely manner. It's very possible that they will never have heard of serum drops before... but with a little bit of research, they should be able to find the needed info. Worst case, I'm sure a pharmacy that is experienced in making serum drops would be willing to provide your local pharmacy with the needed info.

        Good luck!
        Yet another post-Lasik (2005)...
        Anyone have a time machine so I can go back and undo this mess?


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          Hopefully you've found a source by now but if not, you might check with your local Lion's Eye Bank. I get mine through the Lion's Eye Bank here and I believe the local medical university also makes them, you might check the closest medical university to you too.


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            I am on these, they do help give me releif, but are not a cure all. My eye doctor drew my blood in his office and sent the blood to Leiters Pharmacy in CA and I got the serum in a couple of days.


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              I know Lea is looking in AZ but I learned today that Lion's in Iowa also prepares serum drops and I wanted to put that out there in case anyone in the mid-west might be looking for a resource. They actually have a YouTube video about them:


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                Hello. I have used the serum drops for over 3 years, and I am 100% convinced it has improved my eye condition significantly. Using the drops has enabled me to eliminate use of a long list of medication including steroid, anti-inflammatory drops and ointments.

                I will soon be moving to Denver, Colorado area from Switzerland where I have been able to obtain my drops from the local university hospital lab. Is anyone aware of an organization or doctor who would be able to produce the serum drops for me in Denver area? I am a patient of Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Thanks!


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                  miki-mama -
                  I'd check here:
                  I don't know a lot about UC Denver but since he lists serum as a treatment, it seems likely that the university has a source for it.


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                    North Carolina

                    A NC resource for serum drops:


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                      Another location in North Carolina

                      Duke Eye Center at Durham, NC(2351 Erwin Road Durham, NC 27710) Appt. Ph: 919-681-3937

                      Until recently I did not know that they can do it. They drew the blood and prepared it right there while I waited.


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                        Lab in BC Canada

                        Collection of serum drops was discontinued in Vancouver BC but was recently reinstated.

                        The collection site is LifeLabs #701 – 750 West Broadway, between the hours of 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.

                        You‘ll need the new serum requisition form, which has to be filled out by your doctor. PM me with your email address for a copy.


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                          Winnipeg Canada
                          In Winnipeg, one can get the blood drawn at the Winnipeg Clinic lab (located downtown) and the pharmacy that prepares the drops is in the same building, Winnipeg Clinic Pharmacy. You need your doctor to fill out the lab requisition form, and the doctor also has to write a prescription for you to take to the pharmacy. There is a $25 fee to get your blood drawn each time at the lab, plus you pay whatever the pharmacy charges for the drops themselves.

                          Australia (Clarence St)

                          Oregon (Portland)


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                            In Michigan you can use Specialty Medicine Compounding Pharmacy in South Lyon.


                            You have to drive your spun serum there but they will then ship back the prepared drops within one business day. Currently they charge $225 for a single "batch"- so it pays to have your phlebotomist pull as much as they can in one go so you get more for your money.


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                              I was just made aware that there are some changes in pipeline in the Serum Drops program at Duke University Eye Center. It seems they do not want to make these drops in clinical environment anymore and plans to switch over to another lab in NC. I am afraid that that is going to make it cumbersome to obtain these drops and add additional delay. Until now it was like an in-and-out procedure which was so convenient and used to take max 1-2 Hrs once you have prior appointment & Duke doctor's recommendation. Shall update once I learn more details in coming weeks.