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Are eyes and stomach linked?

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  • Are eyes and stomach linked?

    Curiosity based on anther thread.

    Do you have digestive problems in conjunction with dry eye?
    Do you use medication for this digestive problem?
    Do you have a special diet?
    Has this diet helped your DES?

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    Hi Momaxwell,

    I have digestive problems (spastic colon) and have taken Levsin since I was about 28 years old (I'm 53 now). I believe it may contribute to my dry eyes however I have many other factors contributing as well... I started taking whole-food vitamins (some for digestion) and I think this has really helped my stomach. Not sure about the eyes tho... It was recommended I take lots of fish oil which I do....


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      With autoimmune dry eyes, such as Sjogren's Syndrome, there can be digestive problems. This is because the antibodies attack the mucous and moisture-producing parts of the body--including the intestines---which cause them to slow down and process food inefficiently----causing cramps, gas, bloating, constipation, diarhhea, etc..

      I have some digestive problems (plus the dry eye and Sjogren's), but I don't take any medication. This year I made some changes: gave up coffee, eliminated dairy, and started a gluten-free diet. I think it's helping my digestion, but I can't say that it's helping my eyes so far.



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        Sjogrens here as well, dry eyes being the worst complication. I had to take stomach stuff (Prevacid) when I started on all the SJS medications last year. They are practically a whole meal by themselves.
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          Autoimmune disease and dry eye

          I urge anyone with dry eyes and digestive problems to be tested for celiac disease - the most common, yet most underdiagnosed genetic disease in the U.S. ESPECIALLY if you have Sjogren's, which is linked with celiac disease. If your blood antibody test is negative, please consider doing a stool antibody test through . Not many U.S. gastros are using the stool antibody test - although we have one here in Austin that does. It's based on the principle that because gluten antibodies are first produced in the intestines, that's where they will be detected during early or subclinical stages of the disease. My gluten intolerance was diagnosed with the stool antibody test, and later I was found to have one of the celiac genes by genetic testing.


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            Thanks Dru, Great link to the testing lab website!

            I didn't know about the stool antibody test. I was negative for celiac antibody blood tests (last month), and of course the doctor considers that to be gospel. I'm still continuing the gluten-free diet, because it seems to cause much less bloating and gas. I seem to have trouble digesting corn, too. So after changing my diet this way, I feel better and have lost 3 pounds (had about 5 extra pounds on for the last year or so).

            I am assuming one would have to be currently eating gluten foods for the stool test to show positive. What have you heard?



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              Originally posted by momaxwell
              Curiosity based on anther thread.

              Do you have digestive problems in conjunction with dry eye?
              Do you use medication for this digestive problem?
              Do you have a special diet?
              Has this diet helped your DES?
              Hey everyone

              Momaxwell- I think you're defenitely onto something here.

              As for me:

              1) In a sense
              2) Yes
              3) When I'm a good boy
              4) Most definitely

              I have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and blepharitis for about 9 months or so.

              Here's the thing, I think when people get constipated, are eating really unhealthy or have infections or anything else going on that is unhealthy for you down there then for some it can lead to a whole host of symptoms elsewhere.

              UC is also an autoimmune disorder so I think that has something to do with it. But anyway back to what I was saying.

              I think for me that when I get constipated and HP or whatever is going on down there can make my rosacea flare up like crazy. Then that leads to a blepharitis flare and dry eye as a result. But that really never happens to me anymore cause the UC meds are a godsend and to be honest, it's quite easy to control if I do what I'm suppose to. After that all it comes down to is a healthy diet and the healthier I eat the better my results get.

              And guys the sups you can get for digestion are the real deal. I think they work extremely well.

              Hope this helps

              Which is it? Is it what you know or who you know? Or is it how well you convey what you know to who you know it to?



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                Hi to everyone,

                Do you have digestive problems in conjunction with dry eye?
                I don't know
                Do you use medication for this digestive problem? Yes, a Proton-pump inhibitor, an Antiacid, Probiotics for a couple of months. I suffer of gastritis and irritable bowel syndrome.
                Do you have a special diet? Not really... Trying to eat less chocolate and carbohydrates
                Has this diet helped your DES? Not really/not yet

                I don't have a particular diet since I dont' know (yet) what my DES is due to...



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                  i have dry eyes and sjogrens (althought never met an expert). I have some blood in my fecal material sometimes, there must be a good reason no?


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                    constipation immunity cold dry eye

                    I think and hope the following four factors are linked - constipation, immunity, cold, and dry eyes.
                    My son (Jan 2007 born) developed eye allery in 2008 still we struggle with it. Now we follow very strict diet and Naturopathy method. Also we give Ayurveda medicines. It reduces surely. We are able to stop all eye drops. He has digestive problems due to he do not srush the food in his mouth.

                    His contipation and cold are gone.

                    I also suspect my son's eye problem may be after affect of MMR vaccination.

                    Does anybody have simmilar problems and older than ten years may help us.

                    With my experience I think stomach and eyes are related surely.

                    The following link may be useful


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                      With rosacea, we are finding diet triggers for inflammation.

                      The eyes and skin and digestion are much better reducing and excluding: sugars, bad fats, yeast, gluten, dairy. We are supplementing with fish oil and multivitamins, eating oily fish, no processed fats, and the meibom is improved. Bowel cramping is gone.

                      It's important to consider food intolerance and digestive process in skin/eye conditions.

                      eye allergy kids: What are the eye doctors saying about your son - tear film and meibomian glands and reduced signs of allergy inflammation?
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                        Hello littlemermaid

                        I hate these doctors. They say many things which even they don't understand why these cause and how to treat. They simply treat or reduce the symtoms.So "tear film and meibomian glands and reduced signs of allergy inflammation" I do not beleif in this

                        Can anybody say what cause "tear film ...." and how to traet.
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                        Raw eating cures all deceases.
                        whole body cure is eye cure
                        FOOD (Natural, chemical free), Environment (air, water, noise), Relaxed Mind makes decease free


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                          My son five years old ( Jan 2007 born ) around his 1 ½ years started rubbing his eyes very badly. I thought he is doing this because he is sleepy. But after some time we took him to the doctor he said he is having eye allergy and gave some drops and told it will alright after some time. I used the drops no symptom of reducing. I took him to another doctor, another doctor, another doctor….. all Allopathic doctors are same and said this causes due to dust in air. I have to keep on use the drops for him till his 15 years, do not let out avoid dust bla bla bla…. I do not beieve that dust cause this. Dust may do some damage but if the internal organs are strong the dust should not do anything.

                          I did not belief these stupid drops. I tried and learned many alternate medical methods. Because I live India I tried Siddha, Unnani, Homeopathy. These medicines I have to give for long time and also learned his kidneys will be affected after some time. I stopped all medicines and tried Ayurveda medicines. These medicines are very less side effects. Now I learned Indian method of Naturopathy and change his total food habits.

                          I stopped all packed, (biscuits, chocolates, sausage, cheese etc.) tinned, (all drinks) canned, bottled,(jam) baked(bread, cake, bun) preserved food items, fried (chips..),all dairy food, all non vegetarian(egg, chicken beef pork mutton fish) items. No rice, tiffin snacks.

                          He was given for past two months only fruits, nuts and vegetables. All raw fruits, reasonably cooked vegetables ( if can be given as raw give him raw) all nut like cashew padam almond dates.

                          Daily natural water (normal room temperature water) enema is taken thrice.

                          After giving (changed food) I am able to see some wonderful super marvelous results. His constipation no doctor is able to solve it is slowly getting ok. He usually get fever now no fever at all. His cold, cough sufferings are gone. The very biggest happiness is “No eye rubbing”, “No eye drops”. Colour of the eyes keep changing and comming to normal.

                          The biggest problems I faced are educating my wife, brothers, sisters, grandparents of my son.

                          I do not know whether I am right or wrong but I feel my son have less trouble, able to reduce to one medicine no drops.

                          I suspect the cause of the problem is some vaccination or he might be swollen something in his small age.

                          I want somebody who is older patient try these very strictly and guide me also help all eye suffering people.

                          I like to quote one thing from the famous Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar said
                          1) If you deceased you should know what caused the decease then only you can cured it.
                          2) Decease treatment has four stages
                          1. The patient - He should be educated the cause and treatment
                          2. The Doctor – He should know and able to identify the decease and cause of it and teach the treatments to patient and the patient’s carer
                          3. The medicine – It should be given in proper time with good coordination food.
                          4. Patient’s carer – the person who take care of the patient should be educated and guided.

                          Do you think these are followed? I think all dry eye patients do not know what is cause of it. Most of the Allopathic doctors do not know what they are doing. I think two or different medicine method should taken into account. After this do you want me to beleive that my son's eye problem causes due to dust?

                          You can learn many things from here
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                          Raw eating cures all deceases.
                          whole body cure is eye cure
                          FOOD (Natural, chemical free), Environment (air, water, noise), Relaxed Mind makes decease free


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                            Eye allergy kids, Thank you very much for this. I am reading your links and listening very carefully to your good experience.

                            Is your little boy's vision still good? I dearly hope you can find educated eye doctors to think about this. My experience is that some of the ophthalmologists we have seen are indeed recommending a pure and healthy wholefood diet approach, but they are also adding 'omega 3' oils found in some seeds and fish (it is not possible to cook with these).

                            I think you are absolutely right to use some protein from nuts, this is exactly what we are doing, but I'm wondering where he is getting carbohydrate if you're not using rice or seeds, and whether you think this will affect his growth? Also we are eating eggs quite often for protein, and lots of pulses like dahl, chickpeas, black-eyed peas. We are also particularly using curcumin.

                            I think we are having problems with fruit sugars from fruit juice so we are drinking plenty of water, sometimes with lemon or lime squeezed in, which is lovely.

                            These do sound like food intolerance symptoms, don't they. We are just sometimes (maybe 3/week) using a multivitamin + mineral dose because I am afraid of vitamin or mineral deficiencies but I think you may have better access to very fresh vegetables, herbs and spices than we do (in UK, some of it is grown in hydroponic systems and is nutrient deficient).

                            In terms of eye allergy, we are thinking that the eyes are really sensitive - especially after all these eyedrops - so trying to avoid any problems from detergents, dust, bedding, mould. And wearing wraparound sunglasses. But allergy eyedrops or oral antihistamine never helped. For us, I think it is hypersensitivity rather than allergy.

                            I respect your dedication very much and it is a joy to hear about your son's healing.
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                              I see that this link is very old but has recently resurfaced.

                              I suffer from Sjogren's which is an autoimmune condition. I note that the internet abounds with testimonials of people who have over come autoimmune conditions. To that end I have decided that even if I constantly read 'there is no cure for Sjogren's' I have determined that I am going to do everything in my power to put it into permanent remission (since there is no 'cure'). My research lead me to this website for the Center for Nutritional Research I have heard of colostrum before but never gave it much thought for my current condition. It has now become my first line of defense in my program to rid myself of this condition.

                              I urge anyone suffering from allergies or autoimmune conditions to carefully study the research on this the most marvelous of natures first foods. I realize that there are no silver bullets but I believe that there is merit in considering adding it to your current health regimes.

                              eye_allergy_kids and littlemermaid I applaud your for your dedication to your kids.