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Has anyone had a problem with lenses clouding with oils?

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  • #16
    I suggest checking with your eye doctor before you try switching lenses. The level of correction may be similar but the curvature of the lens may differ.

    I don't think the redness is unusual, but you can also ask your doctor about that. Some days I have a bit more redness in my scleral eye, some days I don't. I usually have a small dot where I place the removal plunger, but it fades right away.


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      That's actually what he told me to do to determine if it was just a poor fit on that eye or if there was a problem with the lens. I tried it today and the problem migrated from the right to the left so I am assuming it is a problem with the lens itself. I got up to 8 hours today and had no problem with tolerating the foreign object in my eye but each day my eyes get redder and redder. They are starting to look like when I was using Gentel Gel and would wake up looking like something out of a cheap horror flick. I have some suggestions from other members re: sensitivity to solutions but are there any more out there?

      Currently I am:

      1. Cleaning with Boston Advanced/MD by Bausch and Lomb
      2. Storage and conditioning with Boston Advanced/MD by Bausch and Lomb
      3. Filling the lens before insertion with Unisol 4. This I am not suspicious of but the others I am. Any more suggestions?


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        Do check with your pharmacist on the sterile saline for nebulizers. It contains no lubricants, preservatives or buffers, so nothing to react to. Plus crystal clear vision.

        I like Unique pH for storage and conditioning. I have a hard time finding it locally so have to order it through the internet. It seems gentler on my eye than other solutions I have tried, although I have not yet tried the Boston Advanced solutions.


        • #19
          The Unisol 4 says it is preservative free. I'll see if I can find some Unique Ph


          • #20
            I don't use any of the aforementioned products for cleaning or storage. Please refer to the BFS website for protocol. Oh, I do fill lenses with Unisol 4 tho.....


            • #21
              They don't mention Unisol in Australia for Scleral lenses. I know it's one of the main components in lipid based drops. Anymore information on why it's applied to a Scleral lens and the benefits of doing so? I've used saline and Thera tear gel in Sclerals. Haven't tried anything else.

              I now believe my past myriad failed attempts to get lasting comfort wear time is due to my MGD. Apparently a well known ophthalmologist said MGD clients are not canditates for Scleral lenses.


              • #22
                Unisol 4 is non preserved saline DCR. There was one other product I put in my eyes on 2 occasions and that was a drop called Blink and I think that may be the offending product. I popped my lenses in tonight when my eyes started burning for the night but used the Blink for the conditioner. Then they weren't as comfortable so I put a drop of Blink in and within 1/2 hr they were blazing bloodshot. I took them out immediately and rinsed with some Systane and they calmed down pretty quickly. Will try again tomorrow with the B&L products and see what happens....sigh

                Sorry Amy I couldn't find the protocol on their website. Can you send me a link or just tell me what they recommend?


                • #23
                  Thanks F/G btw do you have MGD? mild/severe? Dr. Korb mentioned in a 1.5hr lecture that clients with MGD on the severe scale are not good canditates for Sclerals. It could lead to LWE from the lack of tears between the eyelids and scleral. Interesting, but frightening to know too.

                  Let me know if you'd like the link to the informative video.


                  • #24
                    Apparently I don't DCR. I had a lipiview and was told my oils were fine. I was very happy about that as it is my understanding that Sjogrens and MGD often go hand in hand. One less thing I have to worry about. What is LWE anyhow?

                    Turns out I was reacting to the drops called Blink. I wore them 6 hours today with the B&L products without a problem...whew!


                    • #25
                      If you don't have MGD then you should be find with sclerals. LWE is Lid Wiper Eptheliology where there is roughened skin on the inner eyelids causing irritation and microscopic lesions on the cornea/conjunctiva. According to Dr. Korb a lack of oils from MGD and thus ATD and wearing scleral lenses can roughen and traumatize the inner eyelids. So when the Sclerals are not worn, the roughened eyelid skin becomes a problem called LWE.