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  • Regular Contacts

    I saw Dr Latkany and he recommended getting regular contact lenses for my dry, light sensitive eyes, etc... I asked about the Scleral lenses and he does not recommend those lenses.

    Has anyone had success with regular contact lenses?

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    Yes! I have worn glasses for years but had never tried contacts. During one of my episodes of Corneal Abrassions the Opthamologist placed a bandage contact...what a relief. I went back a week later to check on my healing and remove the contact, I said My eye had never felt better (not cured, but better) He suggested I try regular contacts and see if they help with my symptoms that was two years ago. I still have bad days, and at times my contacts irritate especially late at night or when my eyes are just acting up. But they feel better with them than without. I'm caredul with them and try not to wear them for too long, I still need drops but sometimes not as often. I also go through them much faster than a normal person, I usually change them out for new ones every week, can be expensive but worth it. I have a lack of tears, no MGD or other known issues, just very little tears. Talk with him and see if you cant just try them and see. Good luck.


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      I've been trying them again these past two weeks but am not having much luck. My eyes are still too dry so I end up taking them out after a few hours since they become really uncomfortable. Definitely get some samples to try though since it's the only way to know if they will work for you. Good luck!


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        Thanks for the responses. The Dr recommended Acuvue Daily Disposable Moist brand contacts. He has had success with these lenses over the Scleral Lenses.

        Mawsky: What brand did you try?


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          how would the contacts help with light sensitivity? i am too scared to try contacts as i have mgd along w/ sjogrens... my opthamologist doesnt want me to although my optometrist gave me a pair of those to try-but i am scared if i put them in they wont come out!


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            Ask for sample lenses. If they work great, if not ask him to revisit the scleral lenses, or at least explain why he is opposed to them.


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              I think if the dry eye goes away the rest of my issues would improve. The non prescription contact lenses would act as a barrier so the eyes would not dry out. The effect should be immediate according to Dr Latkany. It's not going to take a week to notice. They are not to be worn every day and only for a certain number of hours per day.


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                I find this very interesting,because i am exploring the options of wearing some kind of lenses in order to get some pain relief.
                I am a bit surprised that dr. Latkany does not recommend sclerals. If I am remembering correctly for some cases he did recommend those in his book about dry eye.
                Aren't non prescription lenses just the same as what they call bandage lenses? What would be the difference?
                Still i actually would be a bit afraid to go wear lenses again,because in my case wearing regular lenses (and lasek surgery) caused my dry eye problems in the first place. Sure don't want to make things any worse of course...


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                  So why if so many people on this forum have great success with sclerals does the 'EXPERT' not recommend them? I am confused!?!?!?...F/G


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                    Originally posted by farmgirl View Post
                    So why if so many people on this forum have great success with sclerals does the 'EXPERT' not recommend them? I am confused!?!?!?...F/G
                    My "expert "didn't recommend them either. I think they secretly fear that if everyone goes into sclerals or PROSE they will be out of a job! :-)



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                      My doctor recommends them. I am still trying to get used to them and cannot wear them if my lids are inflamed because it is to painful. I am worried about long term damage to the surface of the eye. I don't want to make myself worse long term. Is that possible? My eyes get red and irritated when taken out, but not red when they are in at all.


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                        But not all dry eye sufferers have inflamed lids, in fact probably very few.