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Contact Lenses Question

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    Originally posted by Maenad1 View Post
    Hi all. I realize this is an old thread, but I wear soft contacts successfully and have dry eyes (not caused by LASIK or any procedure, just plain old dry eyes, probably some form of MGD). Here is how I manage it:

    -I wear Ciba Focus Dailies. This is not one of the new, innovative, super-moist lenses, but I find it works really well for me, and it is one of the more affordable daily disposable lenses out there. You can buy it in a box of 90. My choices are somewhat limited as I am very nearsighted (my CL Rx is -10.00 OU), and many brands of lenses don't go higher than a -8.00. I've tried several of the brands that claim to be moist, super comfortable, or good for dry eyes (including Acuvue Oasys), and they all drove me nuts -- not comfortable, and my eyes would develop a film on the lens within a few hours. The Focus Dailies are comfortable, good for my median-to-flat base curve, and I don't develop any buildup on them.
    -I can wear the lenses for about 12 hours before they start to feel dry and uncomfortable. Throughout the day, if they feel dry, I use TheraTears to rewet them. But I usually only feel the need to do that about 2-3 x a day -- sometimes not even that.
    -When the lenses come out at night, I give my eyes a double-layer dry eye cocktail -- first, a nice big squirt of Celluvisc (the preservative free kind -- the vials, not the bottle). When that's absorbed, I top it off with a few drops of FreshKote, which seems to create a new tear film on my eye and keep the moisture in.
    -In the morning, I "wake up" my eyes with a few drops of TheraTears. Then I use FreshKote 15 minutes before putting my contacts in. (Note, before FreshKote became readily available, I used Systane Ultra for this purpose, and it worked fine; I've just decided I prefer FreshKote now).
    -I take a 3-6-9 Omega supplement daily. I don't know if that makes a difference or not.

    And that's it. I still have dry eye, and some days are worse than others, but for the most part it's tolerable, and I like being able to still wear contacts, especially given how nearsighted I am and how thick my glasses are. So for anyone who thinks they can't wear contacts, my advice is: Try using FreshKote before you put your contacts in, and after you take them out; and experiment with different brands of lenses; it doesn't necessarily follow that the lenses that have "aqua" and "moist" (or other "watery" terms) in the title are better for dry eye.
    I have found Ciba total 1 amazing. Unfortunately I can only use them daytime on one eye since they dont come in plus lenses and I am +0, 5 in one eye. But if I dont need to work or see well I put a minus lense in in that eye too. Eyes are still extremely dry, but feels better with than without lense. It is impossible to feel the lense at all, I can keep it as long as I want.