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Genesis (Amniotic Cytokine Extract Drops) By Ocular Science

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  • Genesis (Amniotic Cytokine Extract Drops) By Ocular Science


    Another agent in the DED treatment pipline;

    Genesis - Ocular Science; is the first effective amniotic cytokine extract drop (ACE) for the treatment of ocular surface disease. Treatment of inflammation in dry eye disease is critical. Cryopreserved amniotic eye drops contain more than 120 cytokines, growth factors and anti-inflammatory molecules to modulate and restore balance to the tear film.

    Key mediators include thrombospondin-1 (TSP-1), WNT4, PGE2 and GDF11. Amniotic tissue has been shown to modulate wound healing by mitigating the inflammatory cascade. As it pertains to dry eye disease, ACE has the potential to modulate corneal and conjunctival epithelial healing, as well as modulate inflammation. Processing of amniotic extract is critical as the preservation of the key cytokines is essential to its efficacy. ACE can be safely stored in a home freezer while retaining its efficacy.

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    I just got my first box yesterday. So far, feels like an overpriced, soothing eye drop. A month's supply is $275 and was shipped out to be overnight on dry ice to keep it frozen. I don't know if it's sustainable to use longterm, and I think my own autologous fingerprick tears are just as soothing. My dry eyes is due to LASIK, so these amniotic tears are not gonna regenerate my corneal nerves (nothing can with current scientific knowledge), but they are soothing.

    Keep in mind, these drops are not FDA approved or regulated. Who knows if it actually contains everything they claim?


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      Thank you for the information. Yes, 275USD sounds a bit steep. Are you in the U.S.?


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        BoneDry yes I am. If they were $50/month, i would keep using them. I will post an update after a month.