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Air flight transportation of Autologous Serum - any experience or advice?

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    Ugh, I forgot, yes, I'm on Restasis twice a day. For a while I used compounded stuff because I became sensitive to the mineral oil but that seems to have subsided since I've had such success with serum and now, while not super comfortable, the Restasis doesn't cause the redness and irritation it did. It's still not a favorite but I'm afraid to stop because what if I were to actually become worse? I stopped years ago after improvement and ended up getting worse and I often wonder if I had just stayed on the Restasis permanently, instead of thinking I was well, would I be in the state I am in now? Of course, that's conjecture and it's not really healthy to "what if" since I can't go back but it does play into my reluctance to stop the Restasis.

    You might consider trying compounded cyclosporine to see if that is better for you. Keep in mind, you'll need to plan ahead to use all of your drops before you put in your sclerals. Restasis, 15 minutes or so, serum, 15 minutes or so... that way you won't un-do the medication when you add your next step. I can't remember how long my doctor told me to wait but I try to give myself a 1/2 hour to be safe (I think it was 15 minutes and I've always added to it).

    My first scleral fitting, my doctor had me wear them around for a couple of hours and the next day, we tried nearly 8 hours. The goal is to be able to wear them long term, even though I don't use them that way. If you find they are uncomfortable, call your doctor immediately. It is my understanding that there's some sort of warranty or something that should enable you to exchange / replace them in a certain time period. Don't quote me on that, and of course, it would depend on the maker (mine are Boston) but you'll want to communicate with your doctor as much as possible so that you can get the right fit if the fit you have isn't correct. They aren't like wearing cashmere gloves but they should be comfortable enough that you are good wearing them 8 hours at a time, with drops, if necessary.


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      I did stop Restasis for two months from December to February. I only went back on it because I had lid inflammation that wouldn't go down.. And Restasis always helps that. (I know it's not meant for this purpose but for me it helps my lids) during the time I was off it, I barely had any redness. Now that I have been back on it for four months, my eyes are constantly red again. However! When I was off it, my eyes hurt the tears I produced burned. So it's a tough trade off. I really am unsure what to do. My specialist said "during the three to six month part is when the side effects go away" I am at month 4 in June. The redness really bothers me, I am just so self conscious now.


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        Good news the E-PRP drops from Vissum in Alicante need to stay cold not frozen before being transported back home then once home stored in the freezer. That makes things a lot easier. Thanks for everyones help. Booked into Vissum in 2 weeks time. Just hope the NHS Blood Service can sort out the Autologous serum before we need to go back to Spain.


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          Hi! If you don't mind me asking how did you get in at Vissum Centre? I went two weeks ago and I am now on my 2nd week using. I must say I feel more comfortable though it's not a cure! I'd like to stay on them though it's it's a difficult place to get to for me. I think I read on here that someone gets blood drops sent to them and wondered if it was you? Thank you 😊


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            Everyone who was on serum from Alicante, how are you doing now?


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              I use a Yeti type water bottle full of ice with my autologous tears in a ziplock inside. The ice stays frozen for 2 days even in very warm climates. I have a small 12 oz bottle which fits in my purse. I tried the insulin carrier with the ice pack from Amazon and found it only stayed frozen for about 6 hours at 70 degrees. Definitely not good enough. Hope this helps


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                It does, thanks as I often travel with my drops and my carrier is like a 6 pack insulated bag with lots of ice packs. It is quite large and cumbersome so something that fits in my purse sounds like a much better alternative.