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Modusik-A - Cyclosporine A drops from Mexico

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  • Modusik-A - Cyclosporine A drops from Mexico

    Hi all,
    I may repeat my question from another thread.

    Is it possible getting the Modusik-A - CyA-CsA Oftena 0.1% eye
    drops from Mexico in the USA?

    Modusik-A drops are available in Mexico since 2005.
    They are not so efficient as the CyA drops from germany, but they are more efficient than everything available in the USA beside steroids and Modusik-A is cheaper than compounds in the USA.

    There are some online pharmacies claiming, that they are deliver Modusik-A without a prescription to the USA.

    But I think it is no problem to get a prescription and then ordering the drops in Mexico or from a US pharmacy.

    I should point out, that all CyA drops including that from Leiters are the old ones. Dissolved in casto oil or Cyclodextrines.
    They do hardly penetrate in the corneal stroma, where the nerves are.
    The corneal epithelial is a barrier to prevent microorganisms entering into the globe eyeball.
    So the epithelial does block most topical medications getting into the eye.

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    Is it possible getting the Modusik-A - CyA-CsA Oftena 0.1% eye
    drops from Mexico in the USA?
    Not to my knowledge. If someone else knows otherwise please say so.

    It is not legal to distribute cyclosporine eyedrops in the USA without a prescription no matter what the source. As for consumers directly obtaining these or any other Rx drugs cross-border, with or without a prescription, I do not want this recommended or discussed on this board, period, unless the legal basis for it is substantiated.

    (When I say consumers, I mean buying direct as opposed to one's own physician facilitating it such as has been explained by some Canadian and UK members here for Azasite etc) .
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Zone


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      So the question is, 'would Canadian or American physicians be able to facilitate the ordering of this new CyA eye drop?' Are there any doctors on DEZ who would be able to comment on this? Are patients from Europe able to have their doctors facilitate the ordering of medications from the US?


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        This new medicine has sparked my interest. A google search shows that the company manufacturing Mocusik-a-Cyclosporine drops is based in Mexico. They currently sell to countries in South Ameriaca as well as Germany. They plan to sell to the US and Canada. I am guessing they would need FDA approval. Interesting to note that their main competitors are Allergan (Restasis manufacturer) and Alcon. I wonder if their are any clinical trials available to the public?

        It would be interesting to hear what North American doctors have to say about this product!


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          Hi all,
          I learned, that Novagali in france have a collaboration with the canadian co
          Topigen Pharmaceutiques inc - Montreal.
          On the Topigen wetbsite they don`t state any information on Novasorb, neither in french nor in english.
          So it may take a phone call asking for details regarding Novasorb.



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            Hi all,
            thank you for replaying!
            I do understand, at this website you have to obey the US laws.

            Modusik-A is no new brand. It is on the mexican market for about 7 years now.
            I don`t know how many thousends of patients do use it.

            So it don`t takes any studies on it`s efficacy.
            But if US ophthalmologists can`t prescribe Modusik-A, then it`s nothing beneficial for US patients.