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My Post Lasik Dry Eye and Restasis Experience

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  • My Post Lasik Dry Eye and Restasis Experience

    Hello All,
    I've not posted in awhile as I was giving the restasis a fair trial period and after 6 months of treatment here's a brief (well sorta brief) review.

    April 2008 - lasik surgery

    July 2008 - 4 on schrimers - received two lower punctal plugs (no real relief)

    October 2008 - lasik Dr said everything was normal (riiiiiight and yet my eyes still felt horrible)

    December 2008 - still a 4 on schrimers - received two upper temporary plugs (no relief)

    March 2009 - a 3 on schrimers - received two more upper temp plugs (no relief)

    May 2009 - changed Doctors - still a 3 on schrimers, 4.5 sec TBUT (still hurting) began restasis

    October 2009 - schrimers right eye 7, left 9.5, TBUT 5 sec

    If asked if restasis works.... I'd say "somewhat". It has helped, but it hasn't been the cure I'd hoped for. It seems the restasis might help the quantity, but not the quality.

    And so I continue my regime of fish/flax supplements, humidifiers, lid hygiene, otc drops, warms compresses, cool compresses, exercise.

    I've recently tried the Dwelle eyedrop, but my eyelid rims became quite sore after about 4 days (using it just once a day at night). Anyone know if that's normal? Is that something that will go away with continued use?

    Other than the omega 3 supplements is there any to improve tear quality?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Although I did not have lasik, I did have surgery due to an accident that left me with scar tissue on my right eye. I then developed dry eye in both eyes with my right eye being the worst.

    Have you considered wearing the lacriserts to help restore your tear film and tear volume. I feel they helped me tremendously. They definitely cut down on the burning, and I believe they helped the restasis to work better as my eyes were wetter. I believe that they helped to reteach my eyes to be wet or tear again.

    Please read my post under "going cold turkey" for more specifics.

    Another drop that helped me tremendously before using the lacriserts was Soothe XP with the oil component.

    I really fought to get off the drops and stretched my eyes to the limits at times, but I am in a much better place now, using restasis only 2 times a day.

    Technically, my schirmers are at 8 and 12, but I am comfortable most of the day.

    Blessings to you,


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      Originally posted by msienkiewicz View Post

      Technically, my schirmers are at 8 and 12, but I am comfortable most of the day.
      Do you know what your TBUT is? My schirmers are slightly better then yours but still low, my TBUT is about 5 secs. I think its a combination of them both being low thats giving me problems. Will see if the Restasis has helped out when I visit the opth. in 2 weeks, eyes seem a bit wetter but they've developed a bit of a different type of stinging sensation... opth. is telling me to stick it out and the stinging should calm down.