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What happens after Ciclosporin?

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  • What happens after Ciclosporin?

    So my eyes improved a lot in the last weeks and I've been using Ciclosporin drops for about 3 weeks now. I don't know what exactly made them better, but it COULD be due to Ciclosporin, altough doctors say it needs at least some weeks to show a positive effect, so I'm skeptical here.
    Did anyone have success with Ciclosporin drops and stopped using them at some point (because well they probably aren't that harmless in the long run (years)). What happened? Did the improvement last? Did you need reintroduction?

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    It could also depend on the delivery vehicle of the Ciclosporin. For example, Restasis has castor oil and can last several hours upon application. This might give the immediate symptomatic relief before the active drug Ciclosporin kicks in. My understanding is that it takes several wks/months for Ciclosporin to kick in. However, your mileage may vary. Why not go back to your OD/MD and see if there are any clinical signs of differences, for example TBUT and Schirmer's -- however these tests have high variability (including time of day etc...).