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Restasis- immediate relief?

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  • Restasis- immediate relief?

    Hello everyone!

    I just started Restasis last night after visiting a new ophthalmologist. My Schirmer's test was 1 mm both eyes and she recommended I start Restasis. I've done lots of research on the drug and was always hesitant because of the low success rates but decided to give it a shot. I've always had burning eyes from the extreme dryness but after using Restasis twice (once every 12 hours) I feel almost immediate relief. When I squeeze my eyes I also feel tears coming out! Is this a normal reaction to the drug? I felt minimal burning about 10 mins after installation but not any more pain than my normal dry eyes. Is this a placebo or should I be excited to continue using these drops? My insurance covers most of the drug so I don't mind continuing if I will have better results down the road!

    Please post any of your similar experiences with Restasis!

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    Hi Kimmy-

    I started restasis on Thursday night (4 doses taken now) and I too can feel my eyes producing more tears for a few hours after taking the drop. I was just asking the same question.

    Possible conclusion-- the restasis does irritate a bit (but not too bad for me), so it may be causing some excess tearing. Either way-- although my eyes are still dry, it feels great to feel natural tears on my lid margins for the first time in a long time.

    Anyone else have a similar experience?


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      Thanks for sharing.
      Could you please tell us your causes for dry eye, MGD, inflammation...etc.
      Some doctors say restasis only works for water-deficiency