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now that im using restasis and waiting 15 minutes before & after 4 dry

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  • now that im using restasis and waiting 15 minutes before & after 4 dry

    ok so obviously i never used restasis correctly.. now that i wait 15 minutes and put Restasis in and wait another 15 to use rewetting drops my eyes BURN dry.. wow..
    I wonder if Restasis will start working for me more now that i am using it corectly. i used to put it in whenever and use rewetting drops within a few minutes..

    now this must be the burning sensation they talk about on the commercial???

  • #2
    Just had my Restasis arrive in the post today and I'm scared stiff about taking the stuff! Will have to remember to wait 15 mins before putting any drops in after using it.


    • #3
      You might try compounded Restasis without the castor oil. It's made a huge difference for me. When I first used commercial Restasis, years ago, I had no problems with burning but as my eyes became drier and their condition deteriorated (abrasions), the burning became unbearable. The compounded stuff sometimes gives me the dry feeling but it's tolerable and I don't get the burning.


      • #4
        i was on compounded and it had corn oil which irritated my eyes..
        thnx so much tho for your concern!!! i find that the burning goes away about 30 minutes later after using several doses of its worse for me when my eyes are drier due to allergies/pollen right now-everything is blooming..

        and at night i use restasis and go to bed!!


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          Well I just tried straight castor oil in my eyes today (saw it was helpful on another thread), now my eyes are burning like mad!! I have been using Restasis 2X/day for the past 7 years without ill effects.