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Restasis Instructions to use once only

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  • Restasis Instructions to use once only

    I have a nurse friend who uses one vile for a few applications. She puts the cap on and sets it in a shot glass to stand it up and uses it again for a second treatment. Of course, instructions say throw it away after using once. Any good reason to not use more than once. You waste so much by throwing it away after 2 drops used.

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    My doctor told me I could use more than one dose from a vial as long as you don't touch the tip of the vial.
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      Every doctor that's prescribed it for me (3, at least) has told me to use 1 vial per day (for both eyes and mult uses) and now I have compounded mineral oil-free Restasis that comes in one big bottle that I have to keep in the fridge and toss after 30 days.


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        Same as Kitty, my doc also suggested re-using the vial.

        Risk of re-using the vial: the dropper opening could become contaminated and lead to a nasty eye infection.

        So, if you choose to keep using the same vial until it's empty (as I do), be extremely careful not to touch the opening of the vial, or the part of the cap that will come in contact with the opening when you re-seal it. I also try to wash my hands well before handling my Restasis vials. When storing my opened vial between uses, I keep it in an empty prescription bottle with the lid on. If I accidentally touch the vial opening, I toss the vial (hurts to do this... it's so expensive... but hurts less than a nasty eye infection, I presume!)

        Some people store their opened vials in the fridge (I did in the beginning... cold Restasis stung less when I used it!)... theoretically, this could further minimize the infection because bacteria usually multiply more slowly at lower temperatures.

        Hope this helps!
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          yes, same here, my Dr. said to use it carefully, not to touch the tip to my eye or anything else, recap carefully and keep in fridge. he said I should be able to get about 3 doses per vial. so far no problems for me.


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            Same story for me - put it in a tissue and put it upright in the tissue box and don't touch the tip to anything. Then use it until it runs out.

            I think it has something to do with the FDA requiring a preservative in any multi-use vial, but if the manufacturer says it is only for a single use, then they are not required to put a preservative in it.

            However, it is my humble ( and not very informed ) opinion that you run very little risk of infection if you follow those rules and use the vial in a few days...

            On another note - the FDA approved Restasis because in a controlled clinical trial Restasis increased tear production in 15% of patients when the control only increased production in 5%.

            So, just to be clear, Restasis only increases tear production in 10% of people with aqueous tear deficiency.


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              I use Restasis until the vial is empty, about 3 days. I keep the lid on and keep it in a plastic zip lock bag. I also am on serum blood tears which are suppose to be thrown out after 7 days, but they cost my $500 for 13 weeks worth and insurance does not cover this, so I use them until they are gone. My doctor told me technically I should not be doing this, but to make sure I check for cloudiness in the vial and that I keep the drops refrigerated


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                My doctor gave me a little stand that holds the vial upright. He said just put the top on the vial and use it til it's gone - two or three days. It says 'compliments of Allergan' on the stand so I think they give these to the doctors as a promotional thing.