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Does Restasis ever really expire?

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  • Does Restasis ever really expire?

    I have an unopened box with expiration date Nov 2008 and I'm wondering if it would be of any help now or if it could hurt my eyes.

    Thanks for any help...

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    oh well, guess its a tough question...


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      I have moved this from the archive forum where you posted it.
      Rebecca Petris
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        I'm inclined to say that it does expire, or at least loses a lot of its potency after the expiration date. I've been using Restasis for almost 2 years. Because I get 3-4 doses out of each vile, a 30 count package lasts me about 3 months. I ended up having a package with an expiration date of October of 2010 that I continued using thinking it couldn't make THAT much difference. I suppose that's why when I started having more issues with dryness and found found myself pulling out lubricating drops during the day (which I haven't had to do in quite some time), it didn't at first occur to me that it could be related to the expiration date. When I moved on to my next refill (exp. Oct. 2012) and experienced the burning sensation I think most of us go through when we first start using Restasis (something else I haven't had in quite some time!), it had to think maybe that last package really was past its prime. I've only been using the new stuff for 2 weeks, but I can already tell a significant improvement in my eyes, and haven't had to use any lubricating drops this week. I know some people here have expressed doubts that Restasis works or accomplishes any significant relief, but in my case I will say it definitely does make a difference. But I wouldn't recommend using it too far past an expiration date. I don't think it did me any harm, but it certainly didn't do me any good either.