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Lower plugs losing effectiveness?

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  • Lower plugs losing effectiveness?

    Anyone else notice lower plugs helped a lot initially, but started to lose Effectiveness kind of like the top tear ducts have took over and started draining more tears from the eye?

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    I've been thinking the same!

    I'm deffo considering going to ask to have the uppers done too!


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      Did your opthalmologist see inflammation on the eye before prescribing ikervis? The optometrist said it may not be suitable as I have no inflammation on the surface of the eye. Though she said I would have to discuss with the opthalmologist.
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        Iím not sure. One of my opthamologists told me I had an inflammatory eye condition. The one that gave me the IKervis said that I have reduced tear production and that IKervis is licensed for reduced tear production.

        Pretty sure I do have inflammation! Hopefully you will get it.


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          Thank you yes. That and maybe upper plugs my schirmer scores were down to 2mm left and and 3mm right


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            That is why I have all 4 done....F/G