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Punctal Plugs-To What Extent Should I be Able to Feel Them in My Eyes?

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  • Punctal Plugs-To What Extent Should I be Able to Feel Them in My Eyes?

    I am in the first couple of weeks of my new plugs.

    I can feel the lower plug in my eye, not so much the upper (which is 0.1mm smaller than the lower). Especially when I turn my eyes far to the right or left, or when I close them shut, tightly.

    Is it normal to be able to feel the plug in your eye, and if so, can I expect to get used to the feeling as time goes by?

    It is a sort of pinch-y, itchy feeling - not painful, just constant.
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    I had the same problem with the upper plugs. When looking out of the corner of my eye, esoecially when changing lanes while driving, I could feel them bump against my eye. Not painful. Just really annoying. sorry to say, I never did get used to it and it didn't go away. But for me, that turned out OK as I gave up on them (didn't want to get tear ducts cauterized) and ended up with bandage lenses which are working wonderfully. Good luck, Lacrima.


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      Same experience here. One of my eye doctors said that you shouldn't be able to feel them, but they drove me nuts. There are different kinds though, and I only tried one. Don't wear them now. Good wishes your way.


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        I have permanent plugs in my bottoms and collagen plugs in my upper. My doctor said that most people have trouble with the upper plugs and that is why he didn't put permanent ones in my upper. I don't feel either. Before he put in the permanent plugs, we tried a few temp. plugs in the lower just to be sure I could handle them. I know that there are different types and sizes, so I would discuss with your doctor other options. Good Luck!


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          Thank you very much for your answers. Sorry to hear about the less successful attempts with plugs that some of you have had. Thanks to your advice I have been considering trying a different type of plug, if I continue to experience discomfort with my current ones.

          I wanted to ask,does anyone know if there's a risk of stretching the duct if too many different plugs are tried out?


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            Update: my upper plug came out after rubbing the corner of my eye-it was feeling itchy

            Bad news is, I had it for such a short time, and I was really enjoying the extra moisture, which I just don't get from the bottom plug, alone.

            Good news instantly felt good to not have that pinchy feeling anymore- that's how I knew it had come out.

            Despite the fact that conventional silicone plugs (which rest on the eyelid margin) weren't perfect for me, I at least had an opportunity to find out that blocking my ducts helps a lot. Hope to find a comfortable way to block them..
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