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Will plugs help against dryness during night?

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  • Will plugs help against dryness during night?

    Hello again!

    I'm searching the forum without any luck, I search for "plugs" in the night forum and for "night" in the plugs forum but no result.
    My question is really simple, does plugs prevent dryness during night? Have you tried it?

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    I have only used temporary plugs, and they fell out after a few days, so I can not speak from experience. I would think that if the plugs help with day time dry eyes, then they should also help with dryness during the night.

    Maybe someone who has experience either way can comment. ..

    Best of luck with the plugs. On theDEZ site there is lots of information on different kind of plugs.


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      Plugs are designed to increase the amount of water that stays in contact with the cornea. This helps with comfort and reducing the osmolarity of the tear film. At night there is no blinking and fewer tears secreted. The benefit from plugs at night will be from the work done during the day.


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        Thanks indrep for the clear and logical explanation.


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          I am scheduled to get plugs tomorrow. My eyes are really really dry at night and I often get RCE's bc of the dryness at night... so do the plugs really not help with this?