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  • Regener-Eyes Success

    About 2 weeks after I decided to get off Restasis I developed a pretty bad flare up (allergic conjunctivitis) and Regener-Eyes from worked extremely well to quickly bring the inflammation under control (24 hours). I used 4x drops in each eye daily for the first couple of days and now I'm down to 2 drops a day in each eye. The last time I had that type of inflammation, it took 3 weeks to get it under control with Durezol. Regener-Eyes is pricey but well worth the money for the relief it provided me. Not sure yet if I'll need to continue with these drops but, having suffered from DES for a couple of years, I gauge my improvement when I'm not thinking about my eyes all day! This isn't an ad for the product, I'm a real patient who has found relief and wanted to share.