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Acetylcysteine eye drops

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  • Acetylcysteine eye drops

    Has anyone tried these for sticky eye mucous? I was reading about them on another website (for Sjogren's Syndrome). It's the first time I have heard the term, and after a brief net search, I still couldn't find much info about it. I was thinking of Delilah and her difficult problem with mucous strings.


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    I have been using the drops since late July 2008. They seem to help remove the mucus in the corners of my eyes. I have not been diagnosed with a particular type of dry eye at this time, but in the interim, the drops do help me get through the day especially when the mucus feeling just drives me insane. I do not think that they omit all mucus, but they do help.

    Although perscribed to be used four times each day, I usually only use them three times each day since there does not seem to be many times when I am not using some kinda drop. When used, I usually wait at least one half hour before using artificial tears.

    What is your dry eye diagnosis.


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      I have dry eyes from Sjogren's. I used to get bad eye mucous 2-3 years ago before I got knew I had Sjogren's---I had thick, over-all mucous, and long strings, but it happened only sporadically. My eyes are more stable now and mostly dry.

      What brand of the drops do you use and are they a prescription?



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        success w/acetilsystene

        I have been using the drops for years...I had a big problem with what the doc called filaments..from severe dryness and the "filaments" stuck to my eyeball causing severe discomfort..I couldn't keep my eyes open...used the acetylsystene first every four hours ( I thnk) I just use it in the morn and before bed as maintenence..since it eliminated the problem...they worked for me!! I used to get it from walgreens then their manufacturer stopped supplying them, but target has it...I still use it even though I'm not sure I still need to...the doc said just keep doing it.