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Different questions about eye drops?

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  • Different questions about eye drops?

    1. What is the difference between eye drop tears and gel?

    2. Are eye drops that work ok for during the day also good to be used before sleeping? , or are there speciality eye drops especially for night (that work better)?

    3. I have two eye drops I can use now:

    First I was given three bottles with the words " Hypromellose ratiopharm 3 mg/ml " . It also has benzalkonium chloride in it. I was suppose to use it for 3 months and one drop just before bed. I gave up using this because I think it was causing my eye to get irritated. Should I give it another go?

    My doctor later gave me oculotect unidose - Im not sure whether this is suppose to replace the other one though? It contains polyvidon. It is preservative free and feels much better on the eyes.

    4. Is there a big difference between eye dorps based on hypromellose and polyvidon?

    5. Are there any negative effects of using preservative free eye drops very often during the day? Apart from it being annoying and time consuming? Can it make the dry eye symptoms worse?

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    sorry, I realize now that many of my questions are answered in the information pages here. I think I should ask my doctor for a gel-based eye drop because I have very dry eyes when I wake up...


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      Hi - I can't answer all your q's I'm afraid but I can offer some experience (unfortunately I learned the hard way) STOP using the benzalkonium chloride preserved drop immediately - it is almost certainly making your symptoms worse and indeed in my case I believe CAUSED my dry eye problem in the first instance by overuse of a BAK drop!

      Hope you find some answers and some relief - this site is a great resource.

      The magic gloop IS out there somewhere - right?


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        Hi EllMitcho,

        Thanks for your experiences. I have stoped using that BAK stuff. I agree that it is aufull. I wonder why eye doctors still prescribe it.

        Desert Cry


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          Desert Cry: Great decision to stop using a drop with BAK preservatives. The fact your doc recommended them gives me concern about how much he or she understands DES, so be very, very careful with any advice you receive.

          I'd strongly encourage you to get a sample bottle of Dwelle from the Dry Eye Store and give it a two-week trial at night. It works better than any eye gel (or any other drop), and it will minimize your need for additional drops during the day.