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Optive lubricant eye drops okay to use indefinitely?

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  • Optive lubricant eye drops okay to use indefinitely?

    I use Optive lubricant eye drops once or twice a day for my dry eyes. I am new to dry eye (had it for about 2 months now) and am trying to get to the bottom of the cause(s). In the meantime, I am dealing with the symptoms. I'm sorry if this question has been asked before, but can someone please tell me if it is okay to use Optive lubricant eye drops every day? Thanks.


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    Well, pal, I can tell you this. Optive eye drops contain "Purite" which is a preservative that decomposes in the eye
    into sodium ions, chloride ions, and some form of oxygen. I just started using real preservative-free eyedrops and
    my eyes feel a lot better longer term than when I used Optive eye drops. I would not use Optive eye drops long-term.


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      You don't have to choose between Optive and preservative-free. Optive is available in preservative free vials.

      For people with healthy eyes, most eye doctors would say that mild preservatives are OK for casual use. But for those of us with dry eye, there's just no point exposing our eyes to more risk than necessary, especially if you have to use any preserved Rx drops too.
      Rebecca Petris
      The Dry Eye Zone