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A good alternative to Genteal Gel?

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  • A good alternative to Genteal Gel?

    HI, Can anyone suggest a good preservative free ointment /gel to Genteal. Since i think its high time i have to stop this drops as my eyes are worsening ( at night and morning).. I have vision blurring and very less to see at night/evening.

    Does celluvisc unims come as a GEL(In India) ? and whther they will be useful?

    Any more natural therapies to help temporary with dry eyes?

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    Lacri-Lube is a preservative free ointment.

    Check it out:

    If you do decide to buy it, I'd recommend the 7g (0.24 oz) tube (not the 3.5g tube) to save money. Also, Wal-Mart sells it at the lowest price. I can buy a 7g tube for $11.96 at the Wal-Mart where I live.


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      I'm so sorry that you are having increased blurred vision. I am wondering if you are still in the care of a hospital or ophthalmology doctor that you like who can treat you and monitor this? Can you consult a specialist again about the worsening to find out what's happening? Could be another cause eg retinal or eye pressure? I think this has to be done. Very good professional optometrist website listing eyedrops for your research
      You were saying that Genteal was making you more uncomfortable, maybe because of allergy to the base? Did that improve?

      My daughter has been using Celluvisc Minims at least 6xday and she felt they coated the eye surface well, especially in airconditioning. She doesn't need gel at night - although I think this is your question? - so we concentrate on keeping the eye surface moist during the day, also with wraparounds. She has MGD causing surface damage, rather than laser damage, although she is aqueous deficient.

      She is also now using drops with 0.1% hyaluronic acid (all the main manufacturers have them - Bausch & Lomb, Allergan etc) and she feels better. To me, she has a better tear film on these. These drops are also used for post-surgery healing so I am hoping they will help the eye surface, although these are more bland formulations for regular use. I am slightly worried that there is absorption on HLA drops into the eye surface, so we also use the Celluvisc when the eyes are very dry, eg in a/c (spaced by at least 30 minutes from HLA drops) which I understand does not absorb.

      About natural therapy, we are being careful with diet - more omega 3 oils, less fats and sugars - and using gentle warm compress, a warm shower is enough, and this has helped the meibom.

      Do you have punctal plugs?

      Hope this is useful. Warm greetings.
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        Are you talking about Genteal Gel eyedrops, or the Genteal PM preservative-free ointment (either one could be called "gel"). Do you mean this Genteal: ....... or this one ?

        I'm pretty sure that Genteal Gel (the first link) is not truly preservative free. I think on the box it says "preservative free IN THE EYE". The preservative they use supposedly dissolves as soon as it hits the eye surface. But I don't use Genteal Gel so my knowledge of that is only from the label

        If you are looking for a night ointment, Genteal PM is great. Genteal PM is preservative free.

        At night, I normally alternate between Genteal PM and Soothe Night Time eye ointment ( I use Genteal PM on the good nights, and the Soothe Night Time on the bad nights.

        If I were having a really terrible night, I might use Refresh PM, but I haven't used that in almost 2 years.

        Soothe Night Time is a little more oily than Genteal PM, but not much. There's really not much difference. My eyes feel a little more light sensitive in the morning when I use Soothe Night Time. Genteal PM is a really smooth ointment, and pretty easy to wash off.