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feels like something in my eye!

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  • feels like something in my eye!

    I usually don't get the foreign body thing in my eyes, but I have it terribly right now in one eye. What might it be?!? I just flushed it out with eye drops, still there. Do I have a scratch on my eye or something? I hope it goes away. The basic dull irritation is enough to have to deal with. ;(

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    There is a chance that there might actually be something in your eye. I think you should get it checked out asap just in case because having an actual object in your eyes can damage your corneal.


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      Well, maybe I over exagerated a bit. It's not excruciating, but more like a dull feeling of foreign body. In the past, they've gone away. I'll see how it feels tomorrow am and go in to have it checked out if it still feels this way.


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        I get that when I have a "dry spot". I don't know if it's the cornea or conjunctiva; but it makes me want to turn my lids inside out cause I'm sure there's something in there!

        What I usually do is load up my eye with Genteal Gel and go to bed early. Most of the time it's better in the morning. If it's not, go to see the eye doctor.



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          I get this sensation a lot, lboogie, and every time I go to get it checked there's nothing there....which isn't to say one day there won't be, of course.

          I do think that if there was something REAL under the lid, though, it would be a sharper sort of pain or feeling, and perhaps you would feel it more every time you blinked, rather than all the time.

          My foreign body sensation is usually there all the time, eyes closed or open, blinking or not, until it goes away till the next time

          hope this helps

          but if you're really concerned, get it checked...