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Cold Compresses Make Eyes Feel Almost Normal Again

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  • Cold Compresses Make Eyes Feel Almost Normal Again

    Thought I should mention that I've been doing cold compresses with a sip lock bag filled with ice cubes and a paper towel over my eyes. I find it seems to relax me and ease the irritation while I've got the compress over my eyes... I do this for 10-15 minutes and my eyes seem to really start watering, a good bit of overflow actually - is this normal? 10 or so minutes without the compress on and I seem to be feeling crummy again, just temporary relief maybe?

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    Hi, interesting, I have the same results. I use crushed ice in a sandwich baggie and put it directly on my eyes and move it around a bit, off and on for about 20 minutes, I notice that there is a slight amount of watering as well, only very temporary but it helps at night when it hurts the most.


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      Aaron, this is how I got through years of burning dry eyes. When I was still working, I'd have a gel icepack in the frig at the office and every break and lunch I'd spend as much time as I could with my eyes "under ice." During this time, my eyes were really painfree. It didn't last, but it did give me a rest and a break. Yeah! ice rocks.......for dry eyes.
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        I like cold compresses too, although as you probably know, ice next to the skin is a no-no so always have to be careful.

        Plus for those of us with MGD it seems to be the opposite of advice (i.e. warn compresses).

        Still, does give relief and makes eyes water which feels good


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          I wonder why the eyes seem to water so much? Does it do something that would actually help tear production or could it just be that it slows evaporation? Wish the relief would last a bit longer and wondering if it can provide positive long term gains in the overall health of the eye. Have the same thoughts about warm compresses, can they have more then just temporary relief?

          I'm back at work again after more then 1/2 a year off because of the eye problems I've been having... eyes are still no where close to where I want and need them to be so I bumped up my next opthamologist appointment by 1 month... hopefully he can give me something to bump up my comfort level and production capabilities.

          Current routine: Warm compresses 1-2 daily, Cold compreses 2 daily, flax seed oil, 50mg doxy daily, Refresh Plus and Celluvisc preservative free eye drops, try to get lots of shut eye and good sleep.
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            Originally posted by jlg_uk View Post
            I like cold compresses too, although as you probably know, ice next to the skin is a no-no so always have to be careful.
            Why does ice next to the skin is a no-no? I've tried small towel with ice cube, but I don't feel anything. Maybe the towel is to thick. So I tried putting the ice cube directly on my eyes.


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              I too use cool compresses as opposed to warm. I soak paper towels in cool to cold water and then apply for 5 minutes in the morning. Really helps to bring the redness and inflammation down. Warm/hot compresses did the opposite to me. I finally figured that out after my eyes were constantly red after a warm shower!!