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Is there something that works against inflammation?

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  • Is there something that works against inflammation?

    Do you know some remedies without needing a medical prescription?
    I don't feel my eyes dry but one of them is constantly inflamed!Help!

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    Good question. I'm thinking cold packs/ice, but the effect would be rather temporary.

    The usual route is to get some mild steroid eye drops like Lotemax or FML ---a prescription----and use that to get the inflammation under control.

    Best to go to the eye doctor and find out for sure if it IS inflammation---you know, just to make sure it's not bacterial or something serious.

    Rinsing your eyes with sterile saline solution (unpreserved, like Unisol) several times a day can reduce the quantity of debris/by-products of the inflammatory process, which in turn gives the eyes less to 'react to."

    Gently clean your lids with a moistened cotton bud---cleaning off any old oils, etc. that might be contributing to inflammation.

    I sometimes use green tea (after it cools down) and wipe that around my closed eyes---it moistens and a little bit gets on the lids and seems to soothe. It's just something I do (since I drink lots of green tea) and it's right there on the table, available. I've read that green tea helps with inflammation internally, so I figure, why not try it on my eyes.

    I think chamomile tea might help---same principle---has some anti-inflammatory effect. Make sure it's boiled water first--don't put it into the eye exactly---more like "bathe" the eyes gently.



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      Watch out for the chamomile if you suffer from any type of allergies. I was warned by two health care professionals about chamomile and allergies but as I had never had allergies I didn't think it would be a problem. Turns out, since Lasik, I do have allergies. It may not have been the chamomile that sparked it, but I'm staying away from it just in case.



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        Again, I'm new to this, but I would rather go natural then the drug route if possible. I'm so hypocritical though as I started restasis out of desperation which is also supposed to cut down inflammation which I have as well. I also take two supplements that I think might be helping - Cucurmin, and D-Flame by NOW supplements. Both are filled with excellent things to cut down on inflammation and pain management. I thought it was worth a try.


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          I take advil when I remember- I think that helps with inflammation for me. I also take BioTears and Zyflamed (both supplements) and TONS of fish oil. I dont feel very inflammed with these combos. Ii seems the less I mess with my eyes the better they do. Above all- DONT RUB YOUR EYE, I was told that this releases a cascade of more inflammation/release of histamine (?) and makes for a vicious cycle. Resist the temptation to ever rub your eyes- as good as it may feel at the moment.
          I would also look into a possible allergy that is causing the inflammation.


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            How exactly can you tell if you are inflamed?
            I know this sounds like a stupid question...


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              Thank you so much for your precious advice!
              I've been taking aspirin the last whole week not to go crazy even if I know it's not healty...
              I also don't know exactly when your eyes are inflamed, I went already to 4 eye doctors and they all said I only have dry eyes and one of them put the plugs in. I feel so much better with the plugs but the eye which was worst before still burns (but doesn't feel dry anymore). I read plugs with inflammation is no good but without is even worst for me...