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painful eyelid skin

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  • painful eyelid skin

    I need help! The skin around my eyes are constantly burning, sore, painful, and prickly. Being touched hurts too, it's gotten so sensitive. It's a little red, but otherwise it looks fine. The ophthalmologist says there's nothing she can do and the derm says it's just contact dermitis from all the warm compresses and tranquileyes I use and I just need to stop that and I will be fine. There is no ointment or anything I can use. The problem is that I can't stop my warm compresses or using tranquileyes! Now not only do my eyes hurt, my skin around my eyes hurt's too much pain in that area. Any tips?


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    I have the same problem from all of the drops that I have to use. The skin under my eyes becomes raw and irritated. Funny, my Dr. said to use warm compresses and baby shampoo, like you said that can make it worse. When its really bad, I try to use less drops. Some of us just have really sensitive skin I guess.


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      If your compresses are too warm you may be really drying the skin around the eyes. I wonder if there is something you can try to see if restoring moisture helps.


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        Acarol had this very same problem...I don't know if she found a solution but I do know it was a major problem for her.

        Maybe you can PM her and see if she found a solution.



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          All, when I've had this problem I've been put on FML, which if memory serves is steroidal. I'm sure there will be opinions on that out there ... Rebecca?!


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            Rubyslippers: my warm compresses are barely warm. I have ocular rosacea so I am careful about keeping my warm compresses not too hot =(

            Echoing Jen72, eyedrops are a PAIN to use. If any of it gets on my eyelids, which of course it always does, it burns a lot. The very act of pulling my eyelid out to put a drop in hurts a lot too. Steroid drops are equally painful. I am sure if I never touch my eye area I would be fine....but the dry eyes has been touching that area many times a day. I use to wear eye makeup and that involves tugging and pulling on the lids in the morning for the eyeliner and then scrubbing off the makeup at night...but I had no problems with irritation. Now that I'm makeup free, I'm having problems. Sigh.

            Thanks Bernadette, I will PM acarol to see if she has any tips.